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What is bad behavior?

What are the best moral standards?

Well, for example, if you drink and drive and end up rolling over a person who was just peacefully walking down the street, that´s obviously wrong, to say the least.

When a junkie skips off work and neglects money and time for children so that he or she can inject heroin sharing a needle, his or her moral standards are either from Pluto or  nonexistent.

silhouette light pattern obsessive behavior

silhouette light pattern obsessive behavior


Whether you abide by the law of your country, the Koran, the bible, or Karl Marx books, nothing is an excuse to put your fellow citizens at risk.

If you want to poison your liver, destroy your nose, swallow all those pills or blow out your brains, you may go ahead.

Just don´t disseminate your misery by your erratic behavior.

And don´t say we didn´t warn you…. to check on your behavior.

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