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Planet Earth:  The North Pole and the South Pole.

Icy extremes.  Remote places.  Opposite ends of this massive rock we inhabit.

Stability and continuation of a fixed mood are alien for those of us, bipolar individuals.  Our mental health status travels straight from an axis of one pole to the opposite.  Underground.  Indifferent to the vast array of landscapes and climate make up the transition.

Hot and Cold.  From exultant to depressed.

Endless dancing in a rave.  Absconding at somebody´s birthday party to break into tears and drink alone in the restroom.

How many people have we left dazzled with our errant and edgy behavior?

two faces schizoaffective help

two faces schizoaffective help

Of course, it´s normal for every human being to have sad days and happy days.   Not everyone has to wake up with the same smile or the same vibe they interacted with peers last week.

However, with bipolar people, the abrupt and sudden changes take us by surprise due to how fast they happen, sometimes on the same day or morning.

We spent a lot of energy with outbursts of anger.  But also in our maniac phases, repeatedly telling our partners, friends, and family how much we love them—preaching optimism and everlasting friendship, only to reject everyone´s calls and to detach ourselves emotionally.

I wish we ever migrate to Ecuador.  The middle point.  Say farewell to that underground, express shuttle that takes us from the North Pole to the South in minutes…

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