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Dual diagnosis is a mental illness that is characterized by the combination of two diseases; drug dependence or addiction to a toxic substance along with a mental disorder.

The order of appearance of these two types of disorders in the same person may vary. One can develop the problem of first addiction that can be followed with depression, or vice versa. There is no specific treatment to cure it completely, but there are treatments that can control it.

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Dual Diagnosis Symptoms

Symptoms that people suffering from this dual pathology disease may present are:

  • An increase in relapses and hospitalizations
  • Person tends to become aggressive towards themselves or other people
  • Increased likelihood of committing legal or social problems or incidents
  • Sudden mood swings
  • unemployment
  • psychotic symptoms
  • violent behaviors
  • increased vulnerability
  • loss of social life
  • nausea
  • impulsiveness
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Understanding dual diagnosis symptoms from a mental illness perspective.

It is very important to know all the information about dual diagnosis so that it is easy to identify it. It has been estimated that half of people who have a drug dependence are likely to fall into a mental illness. Similarly, there is a 50% chance that someone with a mental disorder can fall into an addiction to toxic substances.

Our treatment approach to dual diagnosis at La Jolla Recovery is personalized and includes dedicated  social reintegration. This includes monitoring and follow up with the dual diagnosis patient in a tailored and compassionate manner. Also, treatment is drug and alcohol dependent (schizophrenia with marijuana addiction is not the same as depression with cocaine addiction). Our experience at La Jolla Recovery with mental health professionals and medication assisted treatment makes it possible to reduce the physiological stressors and create a long term plan for success.

We understand mental health and addiction treatment as a separate but integral part of recovery

Experience compassionate and tailored care for Dual Diagnosis

Let San Diego become a foundation for the beginning of a new life with the right attention to mental health and addiction treatment.

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