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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in San Diego

Our dual diagnosis treatment center in San Diego encompasses substance use disorder with mental health attention in a caring, humanistic, and results-oriented manner using the latest science and modalities.

Because drugs and alcohol are often compounded with mental health disorders, La Jolla Recovery dual diagnosis treatment programs in San Diego offer attention to addiction and mental health to help reduce relapse, longer and sustained sobriety, and overall quality of health.

La Jolla Recovery dual diagnosis treatment programs in San Diego recognize that drugs and alcohol are often interlinked with mental health disorders. By offering dual treatment for addiction and mental health issues, patients can reduce their chances of relapse, maintain sobriety for longer, and improve their overall health quality. The rehab center addresses a range of mental health challenges with evidence-based techniques and compassionate care, helping to ensure that patients get the support they need to progress in their recovery. 

In addition, La Jolla Recovery’s dual diagnosis treatment center reinforces long-term therapy and aftercare options to help prevent relapses and rebuild healthy relationships. With personalized treatment plans, medication-assisted treatment such as buprenorphine, experiential therapies, support groups, and relapse prevention tools, patients can make lasting personal changes to help them stay sober and build healthier connections. This type of care allows people to take control of their lives and develop positive behaviors that foster lasting mental well-being and sobriety.

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Dual diagnosis is characterized by the combination of drug dependence or substance addiction along with a mental disorder.

The order of these two dual-diagnosis disorders in the same person may vary. One can first develop the problem of drug or alcohol addiction followed by depression, or vice versa. At La Jolla Recovery dual diagnosis rehab, we provide evidence-based tools and therapies to support quality of life by embracing a tailored and humanistic approach that is motivated, inspiring, and tailored to the needs of our clients. Some of these unique needs can be cultural or physiological, such as LGBT and the necessity of bringing along a pet to understand the background of mental health, such as PTSD or panic disorder, to accommodate the treatment in a social setting and physical space.

Dual Diagnosis Symptoms

Symptoms that people suffering from this dual diagnosis disorder may present are:

  • An increase in relapses and hospitalizations
  • A person tends to become aggressive towards themselves or other people
  • Increased likelihood of committing legal or social problems or incidents
  • Sudden mood swings
  • unemployment
  • psychotic symptoms
  • violent behaviors
  • increased vulnerability
  • loss of social life
  • nausea
  • impulsiveness
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It is understood that dual diagnosis symptoms from a mental illness perspective.

It is imperative to know all the information about dual diagnosis so that it is easy to identify it. It has been estimated that half of those with drug dependence are likely to fall into a mental illness. Similarly, there is a 50% chance that someone with a mental disorder can fall into an addiction to toxic substances.

Our treatment approach to dual diagnosis at La Jolla Recovery is personalized and includes dedicated social reintegration and a focus on the individual. This includes monitoring and following up with the dual-diagnosis patient in a tailored and compassionate manner. Also, dual diagnosis treatment is drug and alcohol-dependent (schizophrenia with marijuana addiction is not the same as depression with cocaine addiction). Our experience at La Jolla Recovery with mental health professionals and medication-assisted treatment makes it possible to reduce physiological stressors and create a long-term plan for success. We are looking to attend mental health disorders co-occurring with addiction, such as anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, and other mental illnesses. Let us be a haven for the beginning of a sustainable life with evidence-based tools.

We understand mental health and addiction treatment as a separate but integral part of recovery

Experience compassionate and tailored care for Dual Diagnosis

Let San Diego become a foundation for the beginning of a new life with the right dual diagnosis attention to mental health and addiction treatment.

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