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Subutex Treatment

in San Diego

La Jolla Recovery believes in utilizing the latest science-based approaches for effective and long-lasting detox and rehabilitation procedures, such as Subutex, a part of a medication-assisted treatment optional program.

Subutex is a MAT optional treatment for addiction and alcoholism in San Diego, reducing withdrawal symptoms and overdoses and increasing recovery outcomes.

Subutex is the name for the opiate agonist buprenorphine.

Subutex is used in drug detoxification to treat substance use disorders, specifically opiates such as heroin, fentanyl, and other opiate-based drugs. It is accessible as a sublingual pill put under the tongue to dissolve when utilized as medication-assisted treatment. Subutex is used to ease detox withdrawal and help reduce cravings related to substance abuse, such as early-stage heroin detox. La Jolla detox or rehab clients may use it to start medication-assisted detoxification just as for longer-term clinical upkeep.

Detoxing with Subutex

Medication assisted treatment with Subutex

The buprenorphine atom ties to the equivalent narcotic receptors as heroin and, in doing such, hinders heroin’s capacity to deliver its full scope of impacts. While it evokes a more vulnerable narcotic effect than drugs like morphine and heroin, there is potential for maltreatment because of the sentiments of euphoria it inspires.

At La Jolla Recovery, we clinically supervise the use of Subutex and other medication-assisted treatments such as suboxone with its evidence-based approach given its extensive studies on positive outcomes and reduced overdoses.

A More Efficient, Long-Term and Positive Outcome with Subutex Detox

We at La Jolla Recovery want to answer your questions regarding MAT in San Diego and provide information to detox with Subutex in a clinical and professional setting safely. Let science guide you towards an outcome of sustained

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