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How to Choose the Best Gym

At La Jolla Recovery, we have seen how aside from our programs, living a healthy life by exercising is essential and backed by research. However, is it indispensable for you to join a gym? Before you go shopping, ask yourself this question, this would be the suggestion of a personal trainer. A gym membership has its advantages, but if you prefer to exercise outside, your office or apartment building includes a fitness center, or you’re just as comfortable working out at home (using these fitness YouTube channels, for example), joining a gym—even the best club in your city—might be a waste of money.

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How do you choose a gym in sobriety? Health is key in staying sober, but making a decision has its strategy.

In January, more people join gyms than in any other month. However, not all of them will remain. 

Are you still interested in signing up? Great! The second question to consider while looking for the most okay gym is, “What are my motivations for joining?” For example, if you enjoy indoor cycling sessions and want to get back into shape, you can eliminate any clubs that do not include a cycling studio right away. It’s a simple notion, but it’s one that you should think about early in your quest for the most significant fitness club—luxurious locker rooms and state-of-the-art treadmills may be compelling.

So, how can you ensure that you’ll still be there in August? You locate a gym that you enjoy and, more significantly, one in which you feel at ease. “It should be all about the vibe and the experience from the time you walk in. Do they say hello to you? Do the folks working out appear to be having a good time? Always remember-“Whether or not a gym keeps you as a member is determined by your experience.” Of all, with more than 32,150 fitness clubs in the United States, picking the proper one might be difficult. 

Make a list of your essential “must-haves” for your finest gym, which is distinct from “nice-to-haves.” If you’re serious about strength training, a large, well-kept free weight area should be on top of your priority list. You’d be shocked how few gyms feature a site where you can practice bodyweight training like foam rolling on your own. Will you also be showering and preparing for work at the gym? When compiling your list, don’t forget to include your pre-and post-workout routines.

Don’t be seduced by clever marketing or slogans. Instead, do some research online. If the gym you’re considering has a Facebook or Instagram page, look through the postings from current members to get a sense of what they’re up to daily. Check reviews of your potential best gym on sites like Yelp and Google, in addition to social media, to get a sense of what current and previous members appreciate (or don’t like) about the fitness club’s classes, customer service, and cleanliness. 

Here are ten points to consider to make sure you pick the right gym the first time.

1. Work out like a local. 

Go to a gym that is close to your home. According to Jim Thomas, a fitness industry analyst, most people, despite their best efforts, won’t drive more than 15 minutes regularly. Plot all gyms within a five-mile radius using Google Maps or another online tool. Check for easy parking when you’re scoping out your alternatives, as this can be a deterrent to going to the gym.

Choose a location based on your lifestyle to remove excuses for skipping your workout, suggests Laura Williams, a former fitness center manager and owner of Girls Gone Sporty. Will you go to the gym during your lunch hour or after work? The most fantastic gym for you is close to your workplace. A gym close to home is beneficial if you work out in the mornings or on weekends.

There is no magic mile radius to aim for, but rather a magical commute time. A five- to eight-minute walk or drive is optimal, but bear in mind that factors such as traffic lights, road congestion, and even the time of day you’ll be traveling can all affect your entire commute time. To make sure you’re not missing out on any possibilities, Google “best gym near me.” 

2. Visit when you’re in the mood to work out. 

Saturday afternoon may seem like the best time to visit a gym, but is it actually when you’ll be putting in the miles? “Visit when you’re most likely to go,” Thomas advises. More importantly, take a look at the equipment you’ll be using. Try another gym if the queue is five deep.

3. Inquire about gym reciprocity. 

“This is one that people don’t normally think of until they need it,” Thomas explains. Some significant chains have locations throughout the country; many YMCAs, for example, have reciprocity agreements with other YMCAs. Inquire if a gym is a member of the IHRSA Passport Club. Gym-goers can get discounted visitor prices at participating gyms worldwide as part of the program.

4. Make sure the gym’s equipment is in good working order. 

Gyms are germ factories, and keeping them clean necessitates more than the nightly cleaning crew sweeping the floors. In research published at the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, rhinovirus (the virus that causes the common cold) was discovered on 63 percent of the hand-contact surfaces examined in the gym. A professional crew should come every day, but employees should be wiping down machinery all day. Check to determine whether there is a firm policy of cleaning down everything after use while you’re there (weights especially). If not, avoid the place altogether — or bring hand sanitizer. Covid numbers might be decreasing or stable, but its important to take into consideration flue and other diseases as well.

5. Inquire about the company’s emergency plan. 

You want to be at an equipped gym if you have a cardiac incident. “Most gyms have CPR instructors on staff, but what you want is a facility with an AED.” A person’s chances of surviving a heart attack are greatly improved by using an automated external defibrillator. The gym is equipped with one, and numerous staff members have been taught to utilize it.

6. Read and Revise the Contract Agreement.

Complaints have gone up 90 percent over the preceding years. Contracts were the number one motive of all cases. Get all promises in writing, and if you sign a contract that automatically recurrently charges you each month, make sure to revise your bank statement to ensure you haven’t been billed any surprise fees. Also, make sure you understand the fine print and ask what happens to your agreement if the gym fails financially. Finally, know that the law varies from state to state, but generally, consumers have three to ten days to change their minds about a contract.

7. Invest in your membership. 

Make a financial commitment to specific training that demands regular attendance. The recommendation is to pay for a paid program, such as personal training or a small group program to guarantee accountability. Think of it as an investment protection plan. You’re more likely to persist with something if you can see results.

8. Examine the culture. 

Some gyms have banned grunting in the weight room or removed equipment because it is “too scary.” That might not be a good fit for you if you want to become primal during your workouts. “Try to determine who the gym’s target audience is, and make sure you’re in that target.

9. Look past the bargains. 

When comparing the costs of several gyms, going with the more expensive one can save you money in the long term. According to professionals, bargain gyms often keep members who quit visiting because they pay so low that they don’t take the time to terminate their memberships. “They figure, okay, it’s only this much money, I’ll get back there eventually,” they explain. However, you may persuade yourself to go by spending a few extra dollars — enough that it feels like a waste of money if you don’t make it at least once a week.”

Fitness package discounts are always available on sites like Groupon and Living Social, with everything from boot camps to CrossFit to kettlebells to Zumba, according to Cynthia Phillips, a personal trainer at Absolute Body Symmetry in Atlanta, Georgia. (If you want to play on the field, ClassPass is always an option.) Taking advantage of unique and introductory offers is a terrific (and affordable) way to try out different locations and possibilities before committing to a long-term contract.

10. Make sure you have a nice mix of machines. 

When an experienced professional walks around a gym floor, he counts how many machines there are and whether they are from the same manufacturer or other vendors.

“While one firm may produce a terrific treadmill, they are unlikely to produce the best of every sort of equipment. When you only see one brand, you see a gym that got a fantastic deal, not a gym that wants its users to have the greatest equipment available.”

Also, find out when the equipment was purchased and when it will be replaced.

Stay tuned to our blog publications At La Jolla Recovery for tips on achieving a healthy lifestyle. We recommend our articles on Cali and Living With an Alcoholic.

Be sure to respect all coronavirus measures.

By Andrew G.

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