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Intensive outpatient programs or IOP help during the transition from drug and alcohol rehab back home. The object is to have the social support of individuals sharing recovery with similar circumstances while being supported by drug or alcohol counselors, psychologists or doctors. Housing is common during outpatient programs for alcohol and drug abuse. These sober homes areĀ monitored as well as drug tested. These alcohol and drug free environments are known as sober living homes. At La Jolla Recovery, we provide sober living for those attending IOP or intensive outpatient programs San Diego in order to create a safeĀ and cohesive ambience. Please visit our sober living home page for more information.

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)

Outpatient Programs San Diego

What is IOP

To go back home or be at a safe place with support?

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IOP, Outpatient Program, Intensive Outpatient Program

Our IOP Reviews

“I didn't really know what to expect from IOP San Diego. I had heard it often at Alanon meetings and supposed it was a place where our son could get together with other people in recovery. I was concerned about outpatient programs from what they did there to what it was he did with others there. Little did I know that daily activities and events were being held focusing on alcohol and drug recovery. There was continuity of the supervision at their sober living home too. We are very proud of what he has done after the outpatient program San Diego. Thank you La Jolla outpatient programs.”

Eve C.Parent

“I was scared when I was told my brother would enter rehab again. Disappointment will leave anyone skeptical and pretty much lacking hope. I got to see firsthand his transformation in his eyes and got to a point that I couldn't recognize him it was so present and genuine. Its very emotional thinking about it and want to thank La Jolla for being able to feel again for my family. ”

Deborah B.Sibling

“After 3 years, Im proud to say that working here has left me with a sense of purpose and joy in my life. Even tough days are easy to remind myself that the impact this has is beyond me. I can testify for everyone that works here and Danny. We live our work. ”

Jerry R.Staff

“Although not a family member, my best friend got into La Jolla detox centers last year and felt like I no longer was a part of his life after addiction tore him from his self. Today I see someone so dedicated to his life and loved ones that Im overwhelmed by the person he is and feel lucky to have had him be at La Jolla Recovery homes.”

Jackie G.Friend
High Quality IOP. Continuous Support.

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