Experience the serenity of San Diego's sun, sea and the breeze.

  • The biological impact of the sun, proximity to the beach and comfort catapults the treatment program variables
  • From walks to the beach to experiential activities in the sea, let the cookie cutter therapy dissolve with our beyond rehab approach
Being able to begin a part time job to getting back into school makes San Diego’s work offerings and college options the greatest way to get the first step back into society sober.

Over 1,000 meetings a week and sober activities all throughout the coast.

From professional baseball at the Padres to a run on the bay, let the fish tacos and continuous activities available encompass your journey towards sobriety.

  • Baseball, football and soccer make up a mainstay of San Diego’s professional sports. Meet the Gulls and the 1904 FC.
  • Some of the most affordable and tastiest Cal-Mex food all the way to savory Sushi spots with a wide range of supermarkets including Trader Joes and even Roots for the organic and vegan focused. Whether your groceries are complete or a once in a while sink into the palate side of things, San Diego will have your senses satisfied.
Don’t let the surftown feel fool you, our downtown area includes little Italy, an extensive shopping center and stores ranging from eclectic thrift to fancy fashion. This might not be the time to focus on the outsides but its always nice to know there is sass in our city, a vibrant economy with potential jobs and booming society.

A reflection of the global world, our tourism and rich population makes the culture rich in conversation and gathering.

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