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La Jolla Recovery is a luxury rehab in San Diego, California.

Recovering from addiction is a challenge, and a luxury environment can make the process more comfortable for the person struggling with addiction. The goal of our addiction treatment center is to make the patient feel comfortable and pampered while they do the work of overcoming addiction and mental health issues.

Upscale Living to Stay Sober

La Jolla Recovery in San Diego provides upscale living and respite that helps patients stay sober, relax, rest, and recover. With professional care and that beautiful Southern California sunshine, a person struggling with addiction will find the help they need to regain control of their life at our treatment center.

What Is a Luxury Rehab Center in San Diego?

The Difference Between Traditional and Luxury Rehab

The term luxury rehab defines a rehab center that offers high-quality, upscale treatments in an environment of relaxation and beauty.

Our inpatient treatment program offers the same addiction treatments and therapies as a traditional rehab center. However, at La Jolla Recovery, you’ll find upscale luxury rehab options that afford the patient struggling with addiction an additional chance at a seamless recovery.

While the patient deals with their addiction issues and dual diagnosis, they will enjoy our residential treatment programs in San Diego, surrounded by natural beauty. They can use the upscale amenities to relax and focus on themselves during this crucial stage of addiction recovery.

In our alcohol and drug rehab center, a patient feels more at home and comfortable than in the institutional feel of a traditional rehab center.

La Jolla Recovery is committed to creating a safe and comforting environment, and our substance abuse treatment options help our patients concentrate on their therapies and treatments.

From holistic therapies to meals, the luxuries a patient finds at La Jolla Recovery in San Diego encourage them to invest in their recovery and search for the treatment that helps them make great strides.

Luxury rehab can help a person struggling with addiction and a dual diagnosis overcome obstacles.

What To Expect

What to Expect from a Luxury Rehab

At La Jolla Recovery in San Diego, clients will discover amenities that make overcoming drug and alcohol addiction seem less overwhelming than at a traditional rehab center. Our treatment facility offers only the highest quality inpatient and outpatient treatment in Southern California.

Some of the amenities at La Jolla Recovery in San Diego include:

  • Physical fitness to strengthen the body and mind
  • Nutritious and healing meals and snacks
  • Hiking or physical activity through La Jolla’s natural landscape
  • Yoga or physical activity by the sea to stretch the body and calm the mind
  • Healing nutrition education to maintain a healthy diet when the patient leaves the rehab
  • Beautifully appointed and calming bedrooms for quiet time and healing
  • Common areas that feel like they belong in a luxury home and not an institution
  • Caring and compassionate staff that focuses on the patient’s healing and needs
  • Reiki healing helps center the patient’s energy

Recovery isn’t easy, but a luxury rehab center can help patients overcome obstacles with non-traditional therapies in a calming setting that promotes healing. La Jolla Recovery in San Diego is dedicated to providing patients with the tools they need for recovery.

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