When you love what you do,

It changes everything.


Our Rehab Staff

A Culture of Genuine and Compassionate Rehab Staff

A genuine and compassionate rehab and detox staff culture were created for more than 12 years. Our core value is of helping transform lives through evidence-based processes and inspiring drug and alcohol addiction treatment methods in San Diego, California. Welcome to the La Jolla Recovery experience. Oh, and yes, we’re vaccinated and on our way to being vaccinated for Covid-19!

Rehab With Values

Our staff begins with one simple question: What's in the best interest of the client?

Evidence-based treatment & Medication Assisted Treatment Optional

With evidence-based treatment, medication-assisted treatment optional, and cultural sensitivity beginning with gender-specific programs, La Jolla Recovery attracts talent that shares the innovation, passion, and dedication that makes it possible to shift lives. Because it all begins with us, what we share reflects our growth and continued education. Let us help you heal your suffering.

A Little Of Our Story

Twelve years ago, we began a journey to start the evolution of alcohol and drug treatment.

Because 28 days were not enough, we ensured continued care could see someone from detox to outpatient and attend personalized needs. Today, the more options a client has, the easier it is to accelerate the momentum of sobriety's motivation, engagement, and sustainability.

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