Professional detoxification with 24/7 withdrawal attention in California

Drug detox and alcohol detoxification in San Diego done right

It can be overwhelming during drug detox and alcohol detoxification. Weaning back to the body’s own chemistry means returning to regular sleep and wake patterns. Once activity, nutrition, or social exposure is interrupted by alcohol and substance use disorder, it is hard to achieve peace.

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living room at our san diego detox program

Our exclusive drug detox program at La Jolla Recovery in San Diego attends to the needs of continuous drug and alcohol abuse. With heroin and prescription opiates becoming a national epidemic, we at La Jolla Recovery drug and alcohol detox provide top supervision during the first days of detoxification utilizing evidence-based techniques including medication-assisted treatment. Attending detox from Xanax, Vicodin, oxycontin, and other drugs, including alcohol, is what we were designed for.

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Our gorgeous ocean view home setting maximizes the comfort of professional addiction rehabilitation support. This makes homeostasis, the regular biological pattern that existed before substance use disorder, become normalized.

We cannot reiterate the comfort of a home-like atmosphere and professional staff supervision. At La Jolla Recovery drug detox in San Diego, we care immensely about professional guidance and appropriate detoxification of substance abuse including opiates, heroin, and alcohol.

Our proven methods and world-class staff make this critical process a smooth transition to the next phases of recovery such as inpatient residential, intensive outpatient programs, and suggested sober living. We also provide San Diego County’s top women’s rehab and suggested female sober living if desired by alumni to continue their sobriety with a focus on safety and privacy.

At La Jolla Recovery detox in San Diego, we are continuously looking for talent wishing to empower lives through the addiction treatment cycle. For employment or work at our drug rehabs, contact us.

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Detoxing from alcohol or drugs should not be overwhelming

Medication assisted treatment and clinical supervision 24 hours a day make it possible to reduce discomfort during a time of critical recovery. The capacity for the body, mind and emotion to be back to balance is key for the next step. At La Jolla Recovery detox we have perfected the art of detoxifying in a very rapid manner using science and evidence based practices. We attend a full range of substances such as alcohol or heroin and opiates that can be dangerous to quit cold turkey.

We have over twelve years in helping the body remove drugs and alcohol safely. The purpose of our detoxification is to attend withdrawal symptoms without harm. It can be very aggressive on the body and mind when someone stops taking drugs or alcohol.

Because everyone has a different physiology, we make sure the detox process is unique and tailored. The types of drugs and duration will impact the detox program provided.

Medications such as suboxone, naltrexone or sublocade help substance abusers while detoxifying in a reduced discomfort state.

The following factors affect the type of detoxification that is provided:

  • Drugs or amount of alcohol the client was addicted
  • Time that substances where consumed in addiction
  • Severity of substance use disorder
  • Type of abuse (inhaling, smoking, IV, or by mouth)
  • The amount of drug(s) that were taken in combination
  • Genetic or system (family) history
  • Medical conditions
  • Mental health diagnosis
Drug and Alcohol Detox Testimonials

Although I dreaded detoxing from heroin (which I had unsuccessfully tried before and almost given up), being kept company by not only people that understood me but knew what I needed was comfortable and made me feel like I was a part of. Isolation was a huge part of my story and La Jolla Recovery connected with me early from detox all the way to sober living. La Jolla Detox is the place to start and create a foundation for early recovery.

Eve C.Drug Detox Client