La Jolla Recovery FAQ

What is the difference between Detox, Rehab and Sober Living?

Depending on the severity, different programs or treatment services are suggested as the first step, where a high level of severity such as heroin or alcohol use disorder will require drug detox. Here medical supervision and oversight is required for proper withdrawal and restoration of physiological stability to have the next level of therapy and social integration. Although the word rehab is the most common and many times is considered an umbrella or encompassing term, refers to the inpatient residential

Where do I start?

Just the fact that you have begun reading and being open to have new information regarding addiction and treatment is the beginning of the hardest step: asking for help. A recovery professional is available to answer any of your questions and a safe and private contact form can be the beginning to understand your needs.

How long should I expect to be at rehab?

Study’s show that quality of treatment and duration are two variables that have affected long term sobriety, meaning that the most important step is to receive professional help and to have a team of dedicated individuals with experience in drug and alcohol addiction treatment supervise and support a tailored program. Whether it’s detox, inpatient residential or sober living, La Jolla Recovery wants to make sure that the foundation of your recovery is stable, firm and supportive for an amazing journey ahead.

What should I take with me?

The most important part is to not wait too much time to prepare given the urgency that early sobriety can be in terms of the window of opportunity and the desire to get help. It is easy to become dissuaded at last moments, so given the communication of professionals and family members, we can make sure all the needs of the client can be attended from amenities to unique necessities supporting products. With over 10 years of experience, we can make sure that transportation, minimum clothing and just the basic needs can be the most important step to take. We will take care of the rest to make sure all your needs are met. Let’s make sure you are the most important elements and the details will follow.

Can I send my loved one money?

We have the ability to set up an account to be managed and attended to a client’s needs depending on their phase of their recovery and our staff will become attuned to their journey as well as humanistic challenges requiring resources and the appropriate attention needed.