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Meth Detox San Diego

Our meth detox services at La Jolla Recovery attend to the specific withdrawal needs, proper rehabilitation, and social reintegration, given its harsh impact on the mind and body.

Methamphetamine is a powerful, highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system. It causes a rapid release of dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline, producing enhanced feelings of energy, mood, and libido. Those addicted to meth have increased confidence, alertness, and well-being or euphoria. This effect lasts for roughly 6 to 7 hours. 

The integration of psychological support with professional medical detox for meth, such as the one provided by La Jolla Recovery, is crucial, as is attended by re-normalizing sleep patterns, nutrition, and dental hygiene, given the depleted state people showing up for treatment generally end up with.

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What is Meth?

Crystal Meth is the name given to a crystalline form of the synthetic drug methamphetamine since it resembles rock crystals found in nature. Hence the “street” names it has, such as glass or ice. Other street names for meth are:

  • gooey
  • speed
  • yuba
  • tina
  • crank
  • and burn

Meth can be abused as:

  • powder
  • smoked
  • ingested as pills
  • or injected

The high is followed by a comedown, which can last for weeks. You can feel much worse than before taking the drug. It can be hard to sleep, and you may feel exhausted. You may also get headaches, dizziness, paranoia, hallucinations, confusion, irritability, and guilt

Because of this, people often take more methamphetamine to feel better. This can lead to a vicious cycle of use, in which more significant and frequent amounts of methamphetamine are consumed. It is common for meth to be used parallel to other drugs such as alcohol or opiates.

Methamphetamine’s Impact on Health 

The risks to health and well-being, including excessive neural receptor stimulation and desensitization that come with chronic use of crystal meth, are severe. Death caused directly or indirectly is also possible, especially when mixed with other substances such as alcohol or cocaine. Because the central nervous system is galvanized with unusual intensity, heart rate, temperature, breathing, and blood pressure increase sharply.   However, the most significant concern is the neurotoxic effects on the brain, including structural and functional damage to the cells that mediate serotonin and dopamine production. While you may recover from some harm after stopping the drug, some health effects may be permanent. The sooner you stop, the better for your long-term health. Crystal meth’s main reasons for abuse are a pronounced increase in energy, heightened excitement, sharpened attention, and disinhibition.  

The risks of injecting meth include:

  • contracting HIV/AIDS
  • skin infection
  • septicemia (bacteria in the bloodstream)
  • and hepatitis C. 

You also risk losing your job, savings, home, and relationships and putting yourself at risk of a criminal conviction since methamphetamine is classified as a Class A drug, like heroin. 

Crystal Meth tends to follow a binge pattern, initiating a rollercoaster ride in mood swings with intense highs followed by plummeting lows. Hyperactivity is followed by lethargy.  

Opiate Epidemic & Meth in the USA 

 Meth abuse has been growing quietly across the United States for years in the shadow of the opiate epidemic. Still, the increase has been particularly acute on the West Coast, where meth now causes more overdose deaths than other drugs. In Washington state, meth overdoses killed about one person daily in 2016. In King County, which includes Seattle, there were 164 meth overdose deaths during 2019, outpacing heroin as the leading cause of overdose deaths. Meth has become cheaper, more contaminated, and more potent, according to front-line emergency services and caseworkers, leading to an increase in dangerous symptoms like cardiac arrest, strokes, and hyperthermia. In this condition, the body essentially burns itself alive. That’s on top of the more common signs of meth use, such as psychosis, malnutrition, and diseases transmitted through needles or risky sex. 

Meth is similar to Ritalin or Adderall and is identical to Desoxyn, the brand name for prescription meth. All three drugs ― even meth ― are used in the United States to treat ADHD, and many doctors believe that some meth users are self-medicating to help themselves deal with untreated or undiagnosed disorders. 

Covid has intensified mental health and social problems, intensifying addiction such as meth abuse.

Meth Detox in San Diego 

The fearsome hold that crystal meth has on the user, physically and psychologically, makes detox particularly challenging, especially as there are no specified medicinal interventions.   Medication assistance treatment of detoxification and health improvement is a must, given the nature of the drug and the ravages to health brought about by the addiction. This should not occur in isolation since some of the most resistant withdrawal symptoms are psychological. Craving features heavily and sometimes long after the last use of crystal meth. Safety, such as cultural sensitivity or women’s needs, and LGBT services in San Diego are core to our values at La Jolla Recovery.

Treatment for Methamphetamine in San Diego

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and support are highly recommended, as are incentives to encourage treatment compliance. Stress management and complementary therapies are essential to aid relaxation and introduce healthier habits. A person needs to spend long enough in treatment or rehab for healthy behaviors to take root and for brain functions to function correctly again. 

Many services can help you to recover, from outpatient to inpatient rehab, such as the one provided by La Jolla Recovery in San Diego, California. If you or someone you know are suffering from meth addiction and are out of state, such as Texas or New York, please contact us to coordinate the care.

detox sunset meth abuse
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If you, a relative or partner want to break free from methamphetamine addiction in the US, sobriety is waiting for you by the calm beaches of Southern California.

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