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person abusing alcohol
Alcohol Abuse. It Affects Many. It's Socially Acceptable. Until It's Not.

When alcohol becomes a problem.

Are you looking for a compassionate and scientific approach to alcohol rehabilitation? Let La Jolla Recovery offer an inspiring space and clinically specific facility to attend to your needs to stop alcohol addiction in San Diego, California.


Starting to see an increase in frequency? Told yourself or loved ones it would be limited to weekends? Evenings? Holidays? The frequency of alcohol use disorder may be intense or grow with time. It is important to understand that the fact that one is questioning or being confronted by family, loved ones or work may a critical sign to begin the journey of asking for help.

Social Impact

Friends. Family. Fights. Agression. Alienation. Athough a socially accpetable drug, alcohol has a different effect on people and though many can continue with their work or schedules, the quality of life may be deteriorated by alcoholism.

Physical Consequences

Interrupted sleep. Liver enzyme counts. Stress. Symptoms may be light or evident when alcohol use becomes a disorder. We are here to make sure that escalation has cessation. Your body deserves healing.

A socially acceptable drug can sometimes be the hardest to accept having a problem. During these historical times and the Covid epidemic, alcohol use has risen.

  • Increased consumption of alcohol.
  • Frequent intoxication.
  • Preoccupation with alcohol use to the exclusion of other activities.
  • Promises to quit and to fail to keep them.
  • Inability to remember things said or done while intoxicated.
  • Personality change.
  • Denial and excuses for drinking.
  • Problems at work or school.
  • Loss of interest in personal appearance or hygiene.
  • Marital and financial problems.
  • Poor health and other mental health disorders.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Respiratory infections.
  • Increased anxiety
  • Attending Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal

    Alcohol Treatment Program in La Jolla Recovery

    From the first days of withdrawal from alcohol, let us at La Jolla Recovery attend the detoxification process of alcohol in the most clinical responsible manner with unique attention to your physical, emotional and cultural needs.

    Alcohol Detox

    Our clinical staff at La Jolla Recovery has the experience and support available to attend alcoholism rehab in its first days to physical comfort made possible by medication-assisted treatment such as suboxone, naltrexone, or Subutex, other evidence-based medications that have proven to increase recovery outcomes. Our rehab center in San Diego is an excellent stimulus for recovery. Whether inpatient or outpatient recoveries spend their first days, their physical, psychological, and social requirements are attended to prepare for the next partial hospitalization program or outpatient. Learn more about us, and let us offer a unique program for you that treats alcoholism from detox to reintegration. Our video and picture gallery may provide a feel of actual client and staff testimonials.

    Alcohol Rehab Program

    Our PHP and inpatient residential program for alcoholics makes it possible to begin the therapeutic process with social components of group and experiential activities ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and positive psychology, among other modalities that offer the latest results and outcomes. From medication-assisted treatment to gender-specific groups for women and men, let us at La Jolla Recovery become the foundation for an inspiring life away from alcohol abuse. It is widespread for alcohol to be used with other drugs such as heroin and cocaine. At La Jolla Recovery, we provide attention to the different substances for detoxification to be tailored and reintegration to rehab understood. If you’re coming from out of state, such as Texas or New York, let us attend to your travel needs and make California home for your sober journey.

    Outpatient Rehab for Alcoholism

    Transitioning back into family, society, or work may require a smooth and supervised process. By continuing group therapy, individualized clinical supervision, or continued aftercare at a sober living, La Jolla Recovery alcohol outpatient rehab can be a haven for the first months after rehab. Let us provide you with a tailored program to meet your unique needs. Located in the beautiful beaches and sunny year-round sand space of San Diego, our alcohol outpatient treatment is your foundation for a life free from alcohol.

    There is a such a thing as an inspiring and fulfilling life free from alcohol. Let us share the hope with you today.

    An Innovative and Inspiring Approach to Alcohol Treatment

    It might seem the end of the world to say goodbye to a life with alcohol. Pain and fear are usual signs of the most amazing changes waiting to happen. Let us share a vision beyond your wildest dreams.

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