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Let a decade of research and recovery practice in detox and rehab leaders provide you with the most inspiring addiction treatment experience in San Diego, California.

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From inpatient residential to intensive outpatient rehab programs (IOP), La Jolla Recovery provides exclusive gender specific substance abuse programs in a culturally sensitive and individualized approach.

Treatment Based on Science

Our proven drug and alcohol  rehab therapies include medication assisted treatment and the latest in behavioral health and research practices with cultural attention to women and men.



Experience the evolution of drug detox and alcoholism treatment in San Diego, California.

Inpatient Residential

Inpatient Residential

Drug Detox

Drug Detox

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient Rehab

Recovery Homes

Recovery Homes

Overwhelmed by the personal or indirect effects of heroin, prescription opiates or alcoholism? You’re not alone.


Over 10 years of addiction recovery experience located in the sunny beaches of San Diego, California.


Our drug and alcohol treatment staff is here to support your family and loved one during these difficult times. Let us answer any questions you have. Whether it’s the first day requiring drug detox or wondering what rehab program to begin with, let our drug and alcohol counselors answer your questions. Our range of detox and intensive outpatient programs will make sure long term treatment and sustained sobriety is attended. As a part of the addiction and recovery continuum of care, some family members and clients desire housing options that provide a safe and structured environment with sober peers and friends working on their sobriety. In a sober living home, residents can remain sober while adhering to curfews and keeping each other accountable in their recovery journey. If La Jolla Recovery graduates are interested in continuing a structured schedule, our clinical staff can offer suggestions for local sober living home accomodations.

What our detox and rehab clients have to say

I'm so grateful to have made it to this milestone in my sobriety! A year ago I would've never thought it was possible yet here I am! We do recovery! I couldn't have done it without the support of La Jolla Recovery, my sponsor, my family, and of course my AA/NA/HA family. Never be afraid to reach your hand out, there will always be someone in the fellowship to help us through the toughest times. We never have to trudge the road to happy destiny alone.

Briana S.Detox Alumni

I'm so grateful to be alive today and have this chance. There is so much hope. Thank you everyone at La Jolla Recovery detox for always believing in me.

Adeline M.Drug Rehab Alumni

I didn't know what to expect from an outpatient program. The staff at La Jolla Recovery made it easy to open up and inform me on what detox implied. They mentioned sober living to continue sobriety after graduating. Being so close to the beach with great activities made it a blessing. I had no idea I would have so much support from my peers, many which today are sober friends. All their therapy services and support groups, including 12 step and aa meetings, are part of my life today in sobriety. Getting off of alcohol and drugs was the best decision I made in my life.

Barret B.Client

This is the best alcohol detox center I have experienced in terms of engagement and follow up. La Jolla detox San Diego truly understood where I was coming from. Though I wanted to know everything that my daughter was doing, they had patience and shared the comfort of knowing she was being tested with a full schedule at her sober living after rehabilitation. I also had to do work on my own recovery but it was a slow process. Thanks to La Jolla drug detox San Diego, it is possible today to know when I am needing work on myself so that it's not stressful on my daughter. She has proven to me and our family how dedicated she is.

Aura B.Mother

La Jolla Recovery is by far the most social and involved sober living and drug detox program. I could not be happier that I chose them. I thought continuing with iop and sober living was too much back then, but now I know how critical it was to my program. Today I am living with another sober roommate and have been working to pay bills and enjoy life. My family now feels comfortable for me to visit them.

Zak R.Client

Contacting La Jolla Recovery inpatient residential treatment was enlightening. They all have an amazing staff with talent in their respective fields evident by simply seeing that our son wanted to complete the outpatient rehab program and continue to sober living. I had no idea all of that was going to create a foundation for the life he is now living. Getting back into college and having him call us to share is very special. Thank you for your attention and experience.

Jack G.Father

I love La Jolla Recovery. The staff here are amazing and caring in every way. This is the most intense and personalized treatment I have ever gotten. I will absolutely recommend it to my friends.

Dolores G.Alumni

When I was looking for a treatment center for my son I found La Jolla Recovery and was so impressed with how kind and helpful they were. We chose La Jolla Recovery because of the program structure, qualified staff and beautiful locations. This has been a very difficult time for my family but they were able to answer all of our questions and help us through this process.

Kristina SamuelsParent

Addiction is overwhelming for those hurting and their loved ones too. Let our clinical recovery staff and treatment experience during these times lift the weight off.

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Experience quality drug detox, inpatient residential programs and outpatient rehab for women, men and LGBT in La Jolla, San Diego. As a part of the recovery continuum of care for addiction, extending sobriety with sober living house options can maintain a safe and structured schedule with the opportunity to live and make friends with sober peers. In a sober home, residents can stay alcohol and drug free and become accountable to each other in their recovery program. If interested, family members or clients may receive suggestions of local sober living environment options to extend sobriety after detox or rehab.

Rediscover life again at La Jolla Recovery detox and rehabs in San Diego, California.