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Let a decade of research and recovery practice in detox and rehab leaders provide you with the most inspiring addiction treatment experience in San Diego, California.

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From inpatient residential to intensive outpatient rehab programs (IOP), La Jolla Recovery provides exclusive gender specific substance abuse programs in a culturally sensitive and individualized approach.

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Our proven detoxification and rehabilitation therapies include medication assisted treatment and the latest in behavioral health practices with cultural attention to women and men.



Experience the evolution of drug detox and alcoholism treatment in San Diego, California.

Inpatient Residential

Inpatient Residential

Drug Detox

Drug Detox

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient Rehab

Recovery Homes

Recovery Homes

Overwhelmed by the personal or indirect effects of heroin, prescription opiates or alcoholism? You’re not alone.


Over 10 years of addiction recovery experience located in the sunny beaches of San Diego, California.


Our drug and alcohol treatment staff is here to support your family and loved one during these difficult times. Let us answer any questions you have. Whether it’s the first day requiring drug detox or wondering what rehab program to begin with, let our drug and alcohol counselors answer your questions. Our range of detox and intensive outpatient programs will make sure long term treatment and sustained sobriety is attended. As a part of the addiction and recovery continuum of care, some family members and clients desire housing options that provide a safe and structured environment with sober peers and friends working on their sobriety. In a sober living home, residents can remain sober while adhering to curfews and keeping each other accountable in their recovery journey. If La Jolla Recovery graduates are interested in continuing a structured schedule, our clinical staff can offer suggestions for local sober living home accomodations.

Alumni and Family Reviews

I'm so grateful to have made it to this milestone in my sobriety! A year ago I would've never thought it was possible yet here I am! We do recovery! I couldn't have done it without the support of La Jolla Recovery, my sponsor, my family, and of course my AA/NA/HA family. Never be afraid to reach your hand out, there will always be someone in the fellowship to help us through the toughest times. We never have to trudge the road to happy destiny alone.

Briana S.Detox Alumni

I'm so grateful to be alive today and have this chance. There is so much hope. Thank you everyone at La Jolla Recovery detox for always believing in me.

Adeline M.Drug Rehab Alumni

I went to multiple rehabs before this but never got it. They offer great groups, therapy, good houses to stay with good food, and plenty of activities. We go to daily meetings and they helped set me up with my sponsor. I'm almost a year and a half off heroin, crack and alcohol. Highly recommend to anyone.

Matt KarrClient

La Jolla Recovery genuinely impacted my life more than I ever dreamed it would. I was always able to get clean and stay clean in long term treatment facilities but when I left those facilities, I found that I didn’t have the adequate tools to remain clean and be successful. LJR presented me with the tools necessary to stay clean once away from the constant accountability and structure. Without the staff- behavioral health technicians, therapist, counselors and even the owner himself- I can’t even imagine where I’d be today.

Haley MichelleClient

I attended La Jolla recovery some time ago. It was there I learned that getting sober didn’t have to be the end. It showed me that it was the beginning. With the treatment plan and camaraderie, it helped me to assimilate back into “polite society”. That was 12 years ago and I am proud to say that today I am sober and living my best life possible. I have since moved away from SD but have stayed in touch with Danny and consider him family. I highly recommend La Jolla recovery.

Joe MarcuzzoClient

La jolla recovery is a great place. Great staff and was willing to help me recover . Yes it sucks at first to be in a place of recovery but thanks to the people and staff it got easy. If you want help, try this place and give it a chance!

Joseph MainClient

My experience at LJR was amazing !! They Loved me where I was , when I couldn’t Love myself. It was well organized, with various outdoor activities which I enjoyed so much ! I recommend LJR to anyone who has just the slightest desire to move forward in life ! My life is so simple but so enjoyable now. I’m the Daddy that I always wanted to be ! I Love the family that I made with the people of LJR to never be forgotten thank y’all so much.

Jason PerryAlumni

La Jolla Recovery and the Awesome staff have saved my son life. I highly recommend this program for any one who want to live a life of sobriety. They go above and beyond to help you be your best.

S RodriguezMother

This was my best experience in treatment by far, and I would recommend this place to anyone in need.

Dolores GouldAlumni

What can I say?They stuck by myside through a year of struggles and when I slipped they welcomed me back with open arms. I'm still clean and sober today. With my foot work and there guidance and suggestions I'm pushing forward. I love the whole team there that I now consider family. And the owner a true friend for going above and beyond for a friend of mine.

Randy TorresAlumni

As a professional in the mental health industry, I would absolutely recommend La Jolla Recovery for dual diagnosis/substance abuse treatment! Their facilities are amazing, their staff is on it when providing patient updates and the admissions team makes everything go super smooth when admitting or transferring a client! Big thumbs up to the entire team at La Jolla Recovery!

Jennifer CarpenterMental Health Professional

After going to La Jolla recovery and taking a look at all the failed attempts at other treatment centers, I realized there was key differences that sets La Jolla Recovery apart from the rest and because of these differences I've been able to sustain long term sobriety for the first time in my life.

Max KomarAlumni

On Sept. 8th I will be celebrating my two years. If not for LJR I would be left on the street, I came in with no insurance, and a couple of garbage bags full of dirty clothes and LJR housed me and put me on the right track. I will forever be grateful of Danny, and the entire staff at Ljr. They gave me a chance and today I am truly happy, I still remain in contact with most of the staff at LJR and even now when I talk to them, they are truly concerned with how I am doing in life! If I could rate it 10 stars I would! Highly recommend if you need mental and drug issues!

Matt HirtAlumni

I was in search of a long term, comprehensive treatment program in San Diego for my daughter. After reviewing over 200 of them and speaking with more than 25, I chose La Jolla Recovery for several reasons. The structure, group content, and qualified licensed on-staff professionals offered here is far superior to all others in the county. After several conversations with Daniel, it became apparent that he and his staff actually really care about the rehab and recovery of our loved ones in need. This man went over and above what could have ever been expected to assist in getting my daughter there through the road blocks of the court and probation.

Pam NoyesMother

Overall ranked highly at 4/5 stars. Clinical, Psychiatric and Psychological staff rank the highest at 5/5 stars. Operations side of the La Jolla Recovery (LJR) ranks 3/5 as "most" operations staff members are both pleasant and professional. "Most" of the residential homes are awesome. Management is great. This was my first rehab and I'm still clean. The specific program that LJR operates is effective IF YOU DESIRE to become clean and/or sober. Not only can you get clean, but LJR also offers you the opportunity to delve into the underlying issues that make you want to use/drink in the first place. Highly recommended to anyone motivated to better their life.

Koby LakerAlumni

Great program. Good structure to transition back into life. Great staff and facilities as well.

Ryan O'MalleyAlumni

Saved my life

Peter WagnerAlumni

My name is Maria. I went to LJR and I have to say it’s the best experience I’ve ever had in recovery, the staff, counselors and everyone involved in your recovery put you first they genuinely care about your sobriety. When being there I can tell you that you feel like your a part of a family not just a patient and the amount and enormous support you get is amazing I just want to say thank you to LJR because of them and teaching me a new way of life I got my family and my life back I will forever be grateful and I recommend this place 350% thank you Danny and staff 🙏😊

Maria JacobAlumni

I came into the program unaware of the depth of my own addiction. Recovery is all based on the desire and willingness to recover. It's different for everyone. However, I can tell you that this place was a blessing in disguise. It can be a heavy to have to process things we repress. It's all about the good intention you put in. Steve is my favorite counselor. The man knows how to put empathy and individualization into each person. I just completed my program, but I would not have done it without them. From the moment I called to inquire he took care of my needs and allowed me to include the program into my daily life. I had an outpatient program which has made a world of difference in my life.

Ali EstradaAlumni

My friend's son was struggling to stay sober after he would leave a rehab facility. His complaint was that the residents and the facility did not give him the support and resources he needed to stay sober. For the very first time, this young man is sober approaching a year now! He credits a great deal of his success to La Jolla Recovery.

Nana HinsleyFamily Member

I would absolutely recommend this place! My friend was struggling to stay sober, as every sober-living he tried was either a depressing place to be or he had trouble connecting with the facilitators/other residents. He said La Jolla Recovery was a super nice environment and was overall run differently than most places. He felt proud of where he was and motivated to succeed there. Where other places felt impersonal, he felt very comfortable. After seeing the long way he has come, I would definitely recommend this place.

Chanel GomezAlumni's Friend

When I was looking for a treatment center for my son I found La Jolla Recovery and was so impressed with how kind and helpful they were. We chose La Jolla Recovery because of the program structure, qualified staff and beautiful locations. This has been a very difficult time for my family but they were able to answer all of our questions and help us through this process.

Kristina SamuelsMother

Being an addict alcoholic, I have been through the multiple, failed treatment tries, the battle all addicts have with sustained recovery. Along with being an employee here I have a perspective of the hearts of the treatment staff, manager, and owner of this 5 star facility. They are all educated, compassionate, caring people, who are motivated to helping our Clients achieve long lasting change. "Change is an inside job." A wise person once said, the team at La Jolla Recovery are dedicated to helping every Client realize a productive, life without drugs and alcohol.

Karl FairmanClient

Addiction is overwhelming for those hurting and their loved ones too. Let our clinical staff and treatment experience during these times lift the weight off.

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Experience quality drug detox, inpatient residential programs and outpatient rehab for women, men and LGBT in La Jolla, San Diego. As a part of the recovery continuum of care for addiction, extending sobriety with sober living house options can maintain a safe and structured schedule with the opportunity to live and make friends with sober peers. In a sober home, residents can stay alcohol and drug free and become accountable to each other in their recovery program. If interested, family members or clients may receive suggestions of local sober living environment options to extend sobriety after detox or rehab.

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