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Effective Borderline Personality Treatment

Do you feel at times lacking an emotional shock absorber? Do you have unstable relationships, fear of abandonment, suicidal thoughts, explosive anger and extreme emotional swings? These are some of the symptoms associated with borderline personality disorder. Women account for up to 65% of those diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

At La Jolla Recovery, we are aware that the greater frequency of borderline disorders among female population are probably the consequence of higher levels of trauma experiences during childhood. Our team of professionals are ready to diagnose and treat both male and female patients suffering from repetitive patterns of disorganization and unstable self-image and personal relationships, and impairment in work and friendships.

Borderline Personality Symptoms

There are both genetic (people with siblings or a parent diagnosed with BDP) and environmental risk factors (chaotic households, neglect, sexual assault) that increase the chances of developing Borderline Personality Disorder. Other symptoms include physical ones, such as sudden changes in appearance or weight, burn marks, cuts and other kinds of self-harm, overeating, and wanting to obsessively be around a certain individual. Cognitive symptoms include delusions, grandiose beliefs, a sense of out of body and lack of functional decision-making skills.

Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment at La Jolla Recovery

Our non-judgmental therapists offer constructive and structured psychotherapy. We encourage clients to find and embrace a sustained sense of self and have awareness of self-defeating patterns. Our aim is to increase self-awareness, stability of relationships and impulse control. Treatment of alcohol or drug abuse is parallel of treatment and compounded in its efficiency. Medication assisted treatment is valued and utilized by our professionals to maximize treatment in an evidence based manner. Contact us to learn more about La Jolla Recovery’s treatment for Borderline Personality disorder (BPD).

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