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Young man ashamed of addiction looking for sober living homes in san diego

“They knew something was going on but didn’t know what exactly,” the Navy sailor from USS San Diego said about his yearlong, undetected addiction to heroin.

The heroin epidemic calls for a conversation, awareness and sharing of best practices, interventions and treatment (such as detox) at the specific level of severity. Yes, opiate prescriptions are an open can of worms which we must begin to attend at a social level, and it affects our vets and loved ones when they come home. From PTSD to support of reintegration, at La Jolla Recovery drug rehab San Diego we commend those sharing the stories of this heroin addiction epidemic to have solutions such as interventions, detox, rehab and even suggested sober living to extend sobriety and stop having the stigma and negative conditioning that we are so used to. Lets do this.

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