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Providing LGBTQ needs means

identifying understanding embracing non-judgemental caring client-centered treatment.

san diego lgbt drug rehab

LGBT rehab: Your preference. Your expression.

Our values


We offer a safe drug and alcohol rehab center, outpatient program and suggested sober living homes to share, express, and engage in a comprehensive and multifaceted modality of drug and alcohol recovery. Not only are we gay-friendly, but we identify as LGBTQ+ staff and have diversity as part of our core culture. At La Jolla Recovery we embrace pride with a sense of purpose in the sunny year-round beaches of La Jolla in San Diego, California. Whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, or non-spectrum specific, we want you to know you can call us home and know we will meet you with the care you deserve and need.

Have a pet such as a dog or trying to get sober with your partner? We have couples rehab services as well as pet friendly rehab at La Jolla Recovery. Is mental health a variable requiring aside from substance abuse treatment? Suffering as an LGBT member from panic disorder, PTSD or other mental illnesses? We do not stigma mental health and have evidence-based practices that are parallel to our substance use disorder track. Providing mental health services is key for long-term recovery success, for we understand the dual diagnosis factor that alcoholism or addiction can present.


An utmost level of attention to boundaries, care and feelings in a setting of understanding, love and unconditional positive regard.

Alcohol and drug addiction may have been a way to self-medicate pain, hurt, fear, and real-life challenges, and if you’re hurting and need help, we want to provide it. Drug and alcohol abuse intensifies shame and guilt, however, those hurting, whether it’s alcohol or meth, are often hurting from trauma or scars of the past, and we want to attend that at La Jolla Recovery. With an understanding of LGBTQ+ background and identifying staff, we want to ensure your sobriety journey, including mental health support, is treated in the most caring manner. You will not be alone knowing you by name, correct pronoun, and connecting from intake to aftercare. Whether you are trans, gay, queer, or exploring a new pronoun, we want to let you know this is home. This is the La Jolla Recovery LGBT detox difference. Let us share video testimonials from detox clients and staff so you can see them yourself.


LGBT is identifying and service-specific therapists and drug and alcohol counselors with a genuine understanding of diversity, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans socioeconomic variables, culture, and societal challenges.

We recommend keeping an open mind and remembering that any drug, whether cocaine, fentanyl, or poppers, may begin as recreational and its use grows. As long as it’s causing problems for the user or a loved one, this is enough to start contacting a professional to get help. At La Jolla Recovery, you matter, and our mission is to attend your addiction recovery to identify as gay, lesbian, queer, or trans. Suppose substances have intensified mental health disorders, separate or dual diagnosis, at La Jolla Recovery. In that case, we want to ensure that your mental health needs are met parallel to drug treatment.

Are you coming from out of states such as Texas, Arizona, Florida, or New York and wondering if you, as a gay, bisexual, trans, or queer-identifying individual, can receive the right help? Let us answer your questions and ensure your trip needs and stay are appropriately accommodated. Our gay-friendly and LGBT-identifying staff looks forward to welcoming you as you are in San Diego, California. Sometimes, the hardest person to forgive is yourself. Welcome to an atmosphere of non-judgment, compassion, and empathy.

Because no one knows you like you.

Understanding LGBTQ+ confidence.

Embracing non-judgemental profoundness.

Rediscovering true kindness.

This is caring, identifying and compassionate LGBTQ+ addiction treatment in San Diego.

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