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NAD Therapy

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What is NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)?

NAD is a coenzyme that consists of adenine and nicotinamide and is found in all living cells.

NAD impacts various systems, including digestion, cognition, mental clarity, and overall energy levels. NAD will increase the body’s levels of serotonin (associated with mood regulation) and can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

At La Jolla Recovery, we believe that offering the latest in innovation towards a more comprehensive approach to detoxification such as NAD therapy makes it possible to accentuate the impact of proper rehabilitation and long term outcomes. Substances like alcohol and opiates may linger in the body and cells, making approaches like NAD a way to speed detoxification and overall wellbeing.

NAD IV Treatment

NAD IV therapy is not a cure for addiction but a realistic option that heals the brain on a cellular level, repairing the damage done to the brain’s neurotransmitter receptor systems caused by chronic substance use.

NAD therapy makes it possible to clean the bodies metabolites from substances faster, feel better and get to a place where therapeutic interventions are most impactful. We believe NAD IV can make it possible to have more positive outcomes and embrace more innovation for our rehab programs.

NAD Deficiency

Did you know that drugs and alcohol addiction can lead to being deficient in NAD?

Having NAD reintroduced in our system makes it possible for our cellular activity to process drug metabolites more efficiently and come back to our homeostatic state of natural detoxification and sensitivity to life. Although used for alcohol detoxification in a non inpatient approach and popular, NAD treatment is now an approach utilized for detoxing and client testimonials as well as post use response is not only positive but adds to the overall well-being in the detox process.

Addiction and the Brain

Drug and alcohol addiction causes the brain to undergo a process called neuroadaptation, which means that it has to restructure itself on a cellular level and decrease essential neurotransmitters.

Detox with NAD

It helps reduce the cravings and the detox process, allowing the person to succeed with recovery in the long term.

Quality Over Quantity

NAD IV treatments can help to:



NAD can Improve neurological function and mental clarity


NAD therapy can fuel brain regeneration


Restore muscle function and athletic performance with NAD


NAD may extend lifespan


Boost your metabolism


Provide a healthier immune system


Repairing DNA damage
The Science behind NAD

NAD Effects

The most profound effect of NAD IV is its ability to reduce cravings associated with alcohol and opiate withdrawal.

Get NAD Therapy Today

NAD is a more natural solution than prescription drugs suboxone, naltrexone, or methadone because there are no toxic side effects. After only 10-15 consecutive treatments of NAD IV, people battling addiction have a better chance to live a sober and pain-free life.

Experience NAD Today & Accelerate the Detox Process.

Reduce the cravings and discomforts of opiates and alcohol detoxification with NAD IV today.

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