Videos of Life at La Jolla Recovery Rehabs

Watch videos of testimonials and reviews on mindfulness to experiential activities at the beach. Let us share the over 10 year experience journey of alcohol and drug treatment at La Jolla Recovery detox through video. 

Rehab Alumni Testimonials 1:21

View long term clients from La Jolla Recovery rehab in San Diego.

Experiential Activities beyond Detox 2:11

The healing properties of the sea and sun. Make rehab a positive experience.

Why San Diego for Rehab? 4:34

Addiction treatment is also what happens after one leaves detox.

La Jolla Beach Footage 5:29

Watch some drone footage of our homes and a walk from the beach at our outpatient program.

Rehab Activities 3:20

From the feeling of being immersed in the ocean to the healing of the rays of the sun.

An Ambience of Peace 6:45

The feeling of home with a sense of belonging.

It Feels Like Home 1:34

Interviews from rehab clients, including women’s outpatient program and out of state experiences when moving to San Diego.

Happiest I’ve Ever Been 2:04

Men’s testimonials on living sober at La Jolla Recovery and the impact of sobriety on early recovery as well as overall quality of life at the beach and community support.

Going To The Beach 2:10

Alcohol and drug counselor reviews on experiential activities such as surfing, walking on the beach and outside sea therapy.