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pet friendly rehab

Who doesn’t feel better in the presence of a pet? Growing up in suburban Los Angeles, a Golden Retriever dog was a hyperactive jogging companion.  As a Pet-Friendly rehab, we have witnessed many cases of recovering addicts who benefit from pet companionship. There is something about pets that make them the best silent therapists. We feel better in the presence of a dog, a cat, or even a lizard. Pets lift spirits and attitudes during a crisis. Life after rehab is better than life as an addict. But that doesn’t mean life after recovery is easy or won’t include challenges. Having a cute, loving friend in 4 feet around who wants nothing but your affection, and maybe some treats and food, is a treasure. Some of the most meaningful moments in life could be those shared in silence with a muzzle or a paw in hand. They communicate a lot of love with just a tender look from those fluffy eyes. They have the power to turn a depressive morning around. Addicts tend to disappoint their loved ones with broken promises and outrageous behavior. However, a pet will always be there for its master and will always love you, unless you beat them when you’re drunk. This unconditional relationship can be potent for someone in recovery. A rehabilitation program involves a lot of effort and commitment. But having a pet to play with at the end of a long week is most rewarding. Cats and dogs can also encourage a recovering addict to become more responsible. This responsibility can help significantly give the addict the discipline to overcome addiction. Having responsibility for another living creature is very effective in succeeding in recovery. One of the main ways pets can help those in recovery is to love unconditionally. Human relationships are far more complex. Another benefit of pet-friendly rehab is the fact that they relieve stress. Stress is one of the primary triggers for relapse. Avoiding it is essential for staying on track.

handsome bearded dragon lizard pet friendly rehab

handsome bearded dragon lizard pet-friendly rehab

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