Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is such a strong stimulant that changes the nature of the chemical processes of the brain down to the receptors. Co-occurring disorders are common when detoxing or coming off of cocaine binges or use, an instability that manifests in psychological symptoms which are both physical and emotionally very uncomfortable. La Jolla Recovery's cocaine addiction treatment rehab can attend these detoxification problems clinically and medically. Our integrative and evidence based approach makes it possible for the symptoms of cocaine craving to be reduced at detox with the right medical and clinical supervision down to outpatient rehab where the right social setting and attention can be given to come off or withdraw while educating the client of what is happening with the right tools to attend them.

Cocaine Use

The pleasure that comes from cocaine use can be very significant, most initially. As the use of cocaine increases or binges occur, the flooding or chemical presence of cocaine in the brain and its neuron receptors begin to compensate by having more receptors to prepare or find a balance of the excessive stimuli and the brain's capacity to synthesize cocaine. This vicious cycle leads to more use to create the previous effects and a physiological need to have it in order to have homeostasis or chemical regulation possible. This cycle of cocaine use or dependence is known as cocaine addiction.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a very powerful stimulant drug that can be addictive. Extracted, refined and purified from the Southern American plant leaves called coca, it has an effect of stimulating the adrenergic or nervous system. Although the plant has been ingested for thousands of years, the chemical we know as cocaine is specifically a synthesized version of the extract called cocaine hydrochloride. As a chemical, cocaine was used medically as an anesthetic to block pain. Commercially it was also utilized as an extract in tonics and beverages such as Cola. Unfortunately, when used excessively, it can alter brain structure and impact a person's life afterwards requiring professional attention.

Cocaine Effects

Cocaine abuse can be damaging to the physiological processes and brain chemistry, however, there is hope and change with a desire to rehabilitate can occur. Because of the nature of plasticity, or regeneration of the brain under the right environment and stimuli, having the right attention at detox throughout rehab, can be ameliorated. From higher levels of anxiety than normal to disruption of sleep wake patterns, let La Jolla Recovery attend your cocaine detoxification needs, provide the proper medical attention for biological withdrawal and ultimately have the ideal educational peer and therapeutic tools to do so.

Cocaine Treatment

At La Jolla Recovery detox and rehab in San Diego, we are here to support your journey coming off of cocaine in order to not have an unpleasant beginning. By making sure your physiological needs are met as well as creating a long term program that will tailor your personal requirements, we make sure a solid foundation is established with the right clinical and medical needs.

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Medical and Street Drug

Facts About Cocaine

Cocaine is now a scheduled 2 drug, meaning it can be administered by a doctor for legitimate medical reasons. Some of these uses are local anesthesia for the eye, throat, and ear among other procedures. Cocaine street names include blow, coke, c, powder and coca.  Cocaine is quite distinct from its medical counterpart, including its white, crystal, fine and powder nature. Street dealers are known to dilute or cut cocaine with non-stimulant ingredients. These elements include baking soda, flour, corn starch and talcum in order to increase its economic value. Other stimulating chemicals added to cut are amphetamines and benzos. Finally, some users combine cocaine with heroin and is known as a speedball.

Get Cocaine Addiction Treatment Today

Cocaine abuse may hinder someone's life, but it need not mark it forever. Let us at La Jolla Recovery treatment for cocaine abuse provide all your physical, clinical and emotional needs in the beautiful beach of San Diego, California.

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