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Narcissistic Personality

Narcissistic Personality Disorder deploys a pattern of grandiosity reflected in the patient’s fantasy. Patients think they are special and unique. Thus, the person presents an exacerbated sense of self-importance. This is why they exaggerate their abilities and speak of their achievements disproportionately.

These people will demand excessive admiration and special treatment. They will emphasize that people of the same status can only understand them. It is common for the person to have unrealizable expectations; for example, they might insist that others bend to their will, baring arrogance and fostering master and servant interactions.

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This type of person lacks empathy. Therefore, they are not willing to recognize the feelings of others and often take advantage of others to realize their own goals.

Individuals with a narcissistic personality disorder may be grandiose or self-loathing. Extraverted or socially isolated. CEO’s or frequently unemployed individuals.

Model citizens or antisocial freaks.

These individuals are competitive, attention-seeking, and sexually provocative while demonstrating adaptive functioning.
They often use their narcissistic traits to succeed.

Because of their optimal level of functioning, many of them may not appear to have a personality disorder in the first place. Therefore, narcissistic personality disorder diagnoses are often overlooked in
diagnostic assessment.

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