What Sets Sober Living Homes Apart

Research shows that sober living extends sobriety and positive outcomes in recovery from drugs and alcohol.┬áThe hardest challenge after completing drug detox or alcohol rehab is the difficulty in transitioning back to family and society. Loved ones are unsure and skeptical of a recent rehab graduate. Unfortunately excessive attention or trying to safeguard someone’s recovery may not be ideal for someone’s journey. At La Jolla Recovery we recommend sober homes for continuity of safety and peer support while offering trust and comfort for the family and system while acclimating to the transition back home. By providing a safeguard through housing and supervision, mentoring is possible as well as accountability.

Sober living homes have been effective at creating a safe and structured environment where shared schedules and drug and alcohol testing are routine. This makes it comfortable and stable for someone who has recently left rehabilitation treatment for drugs and alcohol as a first step into a sober environment. Sober living homes in these cases become a space where a client can socialize with peers with the same level of accountability, attend support groups and create healthy bonds. Family or loved ones can be visited when it is advised or adequate.

The transition back to family is done at a pace where the family, employer or loved one is at peace with the client and can be done gradually. It also gives space for both parties to vent, communicate and many times support each other back to reintegration.

La Jolla Recovery suggests experienced sober housing with the latest in evidence based trends and adaptive social models. A positive psychology approach is possible and adherence to the values and structure offered during La Jolla Recovery drug rehabs is possible. Sober living homes are provided by Pacific Beach Recovery. For more information contact us.

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The Positive Impact of Sober Living Homes

First off, I didn't think I needed sober living. The counselor at our rehab felt it was necessary and I was bothered from the start. Fortunately, my family was able to see the importance of me being tested for a couple of more months while they regained trust with me. They had every reason not to. I actually made many friends in sober living and got to go to the gym with them, share aa meetings and even became open about our problems and found out we had very similar journey's. I am forever grateful to La Jolla Recovery for recommending sober living and the support it gave me for my sobriety today. It's now over 2 years and believe the long term support was critical for me being alive and thriving.

Bea C.Client

The anger I had been accumulating through the years began to have a space to dissipate once our son walked in to La Jolla Recovery sober living homes in San Diego. I hadn't even noticed all that I had held in, and thankfully to the progress notes, interaction and actually watching him change with time, there started being hope in the way of me needing to pay attention to our family and his siblings. I though 30 days of rehab was enough, and then being told sober living was necessary seemed a little like selling extra services. Im glad to be wrong. We were able to not feel stressed as to when he would come home and even seeing how much he enjoyed the sober homes made us realize the value. We could not recommend sober living enough. Its simply necessary to cement a good foundation.

Mel BFather

La Jolla Recovery sober living San Diego was a savior. Not having to do this alone and being able to be safe and not stressed by family was a breath of fresh air. I was expecting an environment that was worn down and depressing, and to my dismay I found sober living like a college fraternity except healthier! Gym, surf, meetings and therapy were magical. Thank you for giving me a second chance.

Jeremie R.Client

This is one of the few places I highly recommend. I say few because although there are many recovery homes and sober living homes, there are few placing the attention and focus on change as well as having the space to receive attention and supervision beyond just meetings. With medical management as well as therapy being available, sober living home clients can access these supporting practices to further their well being.

Jana H.Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselor