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Detox. Reinvented.

An inspiring detoxification setting for the foundation of sobriety. A sense of home with medical attention and clinical supervision and preparation for inpatient residential or outpatient rehab. Detox makes sit possible to have early symptoms of withdrawal attended. Medication-assisted treatment optional can reduce early detoxification side effects and increase outcomes. Because use disorders may be physically uncomfortable to step away, La Jolla Recovery drug detox in San Diego makes it possible to be clinically supervised in an inspiring home setting by the sea. Experience with opiates such as heroin, fentanyl, and other prescriptions makes it critical to have the right foundation in sobriety. Let the journey away from alcohol and drugs begin here with us. If need inpatient residential or outpatient afterward, we can accommodate a long-term plan to make sure sobriety is sustainable.

Begin the Greatest Journey in Detox

Recover in an Inspiring and Transforming Detoxification Environment

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