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Bipolar Treatment

La Jolla Recovery offers a client-centered, human, and science-based approach to treating bipolar disorder in an inspiring, supportive, peer-enriched atmosphere.

We believe in providing the latest bipolar treatment evidence-based therapies, long-term focus, and reintegration-specific tools for positive outcomes with passionate, understanding, and empowered staff on the sunny beaches of San Diego, California.

Bipolar disorder can harm a person’s quality of life. Clients can manage the effects of bipolar disorder with appropriate mental health treatment and resume their search for a fulfilling future.

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Work with a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to bipolar disorder treatment.

Our comprehensive, personalized, concentrated care for bipolar disorder treatment uses a holistic approach to help patients experience true and permanent healing of mind, body, and spirit. We believe anyone joining our mental health treatment program will share a positive and personalized plan to put them on the road to long-term healing.

At La Jolla Recovery bipolar treatment San Diego, you enter a safe and supportive home environment when you begin treating bipolar disorder. You will work with caring clinicians, and together, you can heal with whom you can share support and build valuable relationships. While you are in our dual diagnosis rehab care, the probability of suffering adverse outcomes from untreated bipolar disorder is significantly reduced. At La Jolla Recovery, we provide attention to both drugs, such as alcohol, and opiates, such as fentanyl, which abound currently. Commonly, substance use disorder is concurrent with mental health disorders. Other mental health disorders, such as mood disorders, depression, and anxiety, can be attended to as only variables with evidence-based tools that will have practical use in everyday situations.

La Jolla Recovery provides personalized and holistic Bipolar disorder treatment specific to the needs of each client.

We evaluate client needs to offer specialized treatment for bipolar disorder.

Completing this evaluation is essential for starting bipolar treatment as efficiently as possible. Your bipolar treatment staff will use the information collected during this assessment to create a customized treatment plan. Your team will monitor your progress throughout your stay and adjust your personalized plan as needed.

The day you join our treatment program for bipolar disorder, your care team members will prepare for your rehabilitation post-treatment process.

  • Are you a woman requiring cultural-specific needs or attention as a family, including pregnancy or children?

Whether you have relapsed, are experiencing panic or anxiety from early intervention, trauma from growing up or living with addiction or alcoholism, or simply taking care of yourself, we want to provide an integrative approach to bipolar disorder with a long-term focus. La Jolla Recovery’s dedicated bipolar treatment professionals will work on your discharge plan throughout your rehabilitation. You will have a detailed map to guide your next steps when you are ready to transition out of our bipolar treatment.

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Ready to embrace a journey to attend bipolar disorder in a compassionate and caring way? Get in touch with us today.

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