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Morphine Rehab

pain management morphine rehabilitation comes and goes as it pleases it doesnt need permission or have the ability to choose the righ pills meds

How is morphine treated in rehab?

Morphine is a powerful painkilling drug. Although it is most often used for strong, persistent cancer pain, it’s used for other kinds of pain too. It is available as a tablet or liquid and is also known as a long-acting version. It is also given as an injection.

Unfortunately, people use morphine beyond its medical purposes or start off as a painkiller. This use continues to either tolerate the pain or find it habit-forming. Given its opiate base and structure, it is a drug that is highly addictive and hard to withdrawal without supervision.

At La Jolla Recovery, we provide the proper detoxification for drugs like morphine as well as rehab afterward. If morphine is being used concomitantly with other drugs such as alcohol or heroin, we attend to the physical needs as well as psychological with a dual diagnosis focus. Read more to understand the chemical properties of morphine and why abuse of this opiate requires rehabilitation.

The physical effects of morphine

Morphine and other opioids suppress the immune system, the body’s innate defense against infections. Because of this effect, doctors weigh the pain-relief benefits of opioids against the risk of infection, particularly in patients under treatment for certain cancers or severe burns. Opioid abusers, many of whom are already prone to infection due to repeated injections, dirty needles, malnutrition, and harsh living conditions, become even more vulnerable to these drugs.

Morphine suppresses the activity of three different types of white blood cells: T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, and natural killer (NK) cells.

Morphine Side Effects

Some people find they get a bit sleepy with morphine. There are other possible side effects – very rarely, some people will hallucinate. Some individuals develop an itch.

Using morphine beyond its prescribed amount and length can be a sign of substance abuse. When unsupervised or unprescribed, people can indeed develop an addiction to morphine.

Morphine and other Opioids

Morphine belongs to a group of painkillers called opioids. It is the most used opioid, but there are also several others, for example, oxycodone or fentanyl. Unfortunately, it is common to fall into a cycle of addiction, especially when people mix morphine and fentanyl or oxycodone.

Other Physical Side Effects of Morphine

Constipation is the most common side effect. About a 35% of patients feel a bit sick or are in fact sick when starting morphine.

The problem with morphine

Morphone Side Effects

Morphine can be dangerous because it’s used by many people without a prescription. This abuse leads to physical dependence and given its opiate nature may increase the risk of overdose. Morphine is mixed with other illicit drugs, prescriptions, and alcohol. La Jolla Recovery offers specific attention to the detoxification of multiple substances such as alcohol and opiates including morphine. Morphine is mixed with uppers or cocaine to intensify the high and impact. The impact of mixed substance abuse may lead to mental health symptoms or induced side effects such as panic disorders and others. MAT is science-based and has been proven to reduce overdoses and decrease discomfort during withdrawal.

In opiate detoxification, medication-assisted treatment, such as suboxone and buprenorphine, is commonly used to reduce the withdrawal side effects as well as increase outcomes. At La Jolla Recovery morphine rehab, we understand that the stigma of females using opiates requires non judgmental support and caring that sets us part.

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