Should I Stay

Or Should I Go?

Privacy and Confidential Treatment

Being away adds to a sense of safety that privacy brings.

Some clients are worried about the impact on existing social circles or profession while attending drug and alcohol rehab that may be away from their city, town or home. Being judged at or pointed out can be a concern. Traveling to a different state or city for detox can increase the chance for feeling attended while reducing any concern of being any focus of attention from a previous social setting.
Other times, a change of setting and reducing social or physical triggers can create a reduced stress atmosphere. Leaving out of state to rehab or detox may bring in change required for new cues and associations for a new start.

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Going Local or Leaving The Usual Surroundings

"For effectiveness, addiction treatment must attend a person's use disorder as well as co-occuring, social, psychological, personal and legal problems." National Institute on Drug Abuse

Leaving town or your usual settings can be a sign of commitment towards change, not ignoring being able to reduce a social setting that may have previously thwarted an individual's momentum towards recovery as well as produce triggers or patterns that had become a habit or behavioral conditioning. Simply put, distance can become a fresh stimuli and reduction for negative social circles or vicious cycles.

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