Addiction Treatment and Sober Living

for Couples in San Diego, CA

Our unique couples addiction treatment program and sober living homes can help you both. La Jolla Recovery couples rehab and sober housing offers gender specific groups and therapy. Specific issues can be treated individually with the comfort of knowing your partner is safe and attended. Growing in sobriety can now be possible as a couple, whether husband and wife or significant other.

Couples Rehab and Sober Living

Recovery is hard. It can be overwhelming when it involves a husband, wife or significant other. Having the person you love getting the attention they need, whether in a detox center or recovery home, can transform the life of both. Let La Jolla Recovery couples rehab and sober living in San Diego help you two in starting the recovery process from alcohol and drug addiction. Couples therapy with individual attention will bring back purpose and sustained connection after sobriety. Welcome to sharing a sustained bond in recovery.

Getting clean and sober together

There finally is a place that takes couples from detox to outpatient and finally sober living. Welcome to La Jolla Recovery couples rehab and sober living. We offer an individually tailored drug and alcohol recovery program to both in a safe and tailored environment. Whether wife and husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, let our specific couples detox program and sober living homes attend both of your needs.
Together. For a better future.

Addiction Treatment for Both.

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