A home. A safe place to call it a night. From comfort of a media room and work station including computer and printer, to the safety of drug testing, supervision and proximity to our IOP (intensive outpatient program). Hot sunny day and needing to take a dip into the ocean? Take a surfboard with a sober roommate and experience the joy of San Diego while flourishing as a human being. Sobriety didn't mean life had to be dull. Welcome to La Jolla Recovery.


Staying sober after detox and rehab can bring on surmounting tension and stress. From reintegration with family as well as society, experience the connection of La Jolla Recovery's community. From AA meetings a walking distance to the security of being with other sober peers, let the over 10 years of experience in recovery homes to stay sober offer the sustained recovery you seek.


A drug and alcohol free environment. A recovery home to live sober in all its senses. Sober roommates. Sober managers and the proximity of our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab. The peace experienced from safety adds to the foundation of recovery.

Long Term Recovery

There's no need to rush sobriety. Experience staying sober for up to a year after rehab with the phase down system of La Jolla Recovery. With over 10 years of experience in tailoring an extended program with the required freedom and supervision, let our outpatient programs in La Jolla and Pacific Beach become your home away from home. Who knows, maybe begin a life in San Diego? With colleges and jobs all around, there is no need to feel pressured to begin the journey of sobriety on your own. Be part of our community. Be part of our family. With the help of our alcohol and drug counselors, you will know when it's time to fly. Requiring a sober living home? Let our recovery professionals suggest one in the area from Pacific Beach to La Jolla.

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