Keeping Your Dog at a Pet Friendly Rehab

The therapeutic benefits of companion animals have been well documented for decades, ranging from the prevention of strokes to the treatment of mental illness.
The strong emotional bonds that form between a pet and a person whose illness has brought chaos into his life, help tremendously during the recovery process. The patient who manages to establish a simple routine of feeding, walking and hygiene of a pet increases his chances of rebuilding his sense of responsibility to himself and others.

Getting sober with your pet

Dogs sometimes turn out to be the most suitable pets to be therapeutic assistance animals for people, because they are usually very empathetic and affectionate, just what the addict needs to reduce their stress and anxiety levels, while fighting the strong desire to consume again. Families play an important role in the recovery process of the addict; in this sense, a cat or a dog is a loved one that can offer a lot of emotional support and distraction in the challenging moments of abstinence.

A Rehab that is Dog Friendly

Pets keep you motivated and physically active, fosters you brain´s production of oxytocin (“happiness hormone”), boosts your responsibility level, and prevent you from feeling lonely and with nothing to do or play with.

Your Dog or Pet Will Be Just as Happy You're Getting Clean and Sober

La Jolla Recovery is a state of the art rehab facility that is pet friendly. We are now able to offer this perk so that you are capable of taking responsibility for the needs of another living being who will repay you with effusive affection and reinforced self-esteem.