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Pet Friendly Rehab in San Diego, CA

Consider taking your dog or pet along to help you through with the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

We all want to be surrounded by our best friends, not only when we have a birthday or celebrate achievements, but also in the most difficult moments of our lives, when we feel that we are drowning and desperately need a lifeline.

Moving to a new place, even when it is a beautiful venue with breathtaking sights and surroundings with “strangers,” can make anyone homesick. Having a pet with you may help you relax and help you socialize with both the rehab staff and your fellow mates in addiction recovery. You may snuggle with it while you adjust to the new environment. Leaving mid-treatment or work because you miss your dog is a bad idea. To suddenly interrupt the bond you have created with it during the months you will spend in rehab, leaving your pet sad and blue, wondering where their master might be. Your pet will never judge you, but it might not recognize you when you return home, living sober and eager to hold it again. Whether needing your unique needs met as someone pregnant or LGBT, we can attend to your needs and facilitate your stay with your dog or pet. At La Jolla Recovery, we are a pet-friendly rehab where our furry friends abound and support our journey.

Keeping Your Dog at a Pet Friendly Rehab

The therapeutic benefits of companion animals have been well documented for decades, ranging from preventing strokes to treating mental illness.
The emotional bonds between a pet and a person whose illness has brought chaos into his life will help tremendously during the recovery process. The patient who manages to establish a simple routine of feeding, walking, and hygiene of a pet increases his chances of rebuilding his sense of responsibility to himself and others.

Getting sober with your pet

Dogs sometimes become the most suitable pets to be therapeutic assistance animals for people because they are usually very empathetic and affectionate, just what the addict needs to reduce their stress and anxiety levels while fighting the strong desire to consume again. Families play an essential role in the recovery process of the addict; in this sense, a cat or a dog is a loved one that can offer a lot of emotional support and distraction in the challenging moments of abstinence.

A Rehab that is Dog Friendly

Pets keep you motivated and physically active, foster your brain´s production of oxytocin (“happiness hormone”), boosts your responsibility level, and prevent you from feeling lonely and with nothing to do or play with.

Your Dog or Pet Will Be Just as Happy You're Getting Clean and Sober

La Jolla Recovery is a state-of-the-art rehab facility that is pet-friendly. We can now offer this perk so that you can take responsibility for the needs of another living being who will repay you with effusive affection and reinforced self-esteem.
Your Dog and You. Closer together that before.

Have a dog or pet and wondering if you can detox from drugs or alcohol with him? At La Jolla Recovery pet inclusive rehabilitation, we want to create a positive environment, including those who might be hurting from other mental health disorders such as PTSD, panic, trauma, anxiety, and other dual diagnosis symptoms. Get treatment for addiction with your pet today.

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Getting help for those who can't imagine leaving their dogs behind.

We provide owners of dogs suffering from drug or alcohol abuse a haven to experience living sober where their pets can be accepted and loved. Suffering from cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, or alcoholism and can’t imagine leaving your pet behind when looking for a treatment center? Let La Jolla Recovery pet-friendly rehab be the home for you and your dog, cat, or furry pal.

Because Your Dog Wants You to Get Help Too
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