When treatment for depression hits a wall

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Sometimes, people need antidepressants that work as instant lifesavers when the ship of their lives is about to sink amidst a storm.

Unfortunately, the serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) that aim to strengthen the brain’s neurotransmitters and circuits usually take one to two weeks to begin to alleviate acute depressive symptoms. That delay poses an increased risk of suicide for patients with treatment-resistant depression.
After almost half a decade of observing how ketamine might relieve symptoms in such adults, many respected psychiatrists conclude that it is the first medication to work for treatment-resistant depression, diminishing suicidal thoughts with immediate effect.

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Ketamine History and Clinical Research of Esketamine

Despite the controversy sparked by ketamine’s abuse as a recreational drug nicknamed “Special K,” its reputation is backed by the FDA’s approval as an anesthetic in both pediatric and adult surgical interventions due to its safeness and immediate effects. The drug is listed on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines and was in the spotlight for its role in rescuing 12 kids and their soccer trainer from a flooded cave in southeast Asia last year. At La Jolla Recovery, we stand behind research and evidence-based treatment, with a strong desire to provide results and hope for those who have continuously experienced limits to antiquated approaches to depression. Our dedication to mental health therapy, including anxiety and bipolar attention, parallel to substance abuse treatment, lets us attend addiction comprehensively.