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What is Tranq or Tranq Dope?
A distressed woman lying on the floor due to tranq dope addiction

Misusing Tranq Dope, or Xylazine, as a recreational substance or a cutting agent for other narcotics is dangerous due to its profound depressive effects on the central nervous system.

Interestingly, it’s been observed that Xylazine is frequently laced with another potent and dangerous drug – Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a fully synthetic opioid that stands out for its potency – 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. This mix increases the risk of fatal overdoses. The high strength of Fentanyl means even tiny amounts can cause breathing problems, unconsciousness, and death.

Adding the hazardous consequences of accidental overdose from Fentanyl-laced Xylazine, it’s clear why professional assistance becomes vital in recovery from Tranq Dope addiction. It’s common for tranq to be used with other drugs such as alcohol. We want you to know we can attend multiple substance addictions, attend it specifically, and understand where you are and how it might affect yourself or your family.

At La Jolla Recovery, we fully know these risks and employ a detailed approach to respond effectively.

Tranq Dope

An Emerging Threat and the Crucial Role of Comprehensive Treatment

In recent years, an alarming substance has surged in illicit drug markets, adding to the multidimensional challenges that credible drug and alcohol treatment centers face. The substance, known on the street as “tranq dope” or tranquilizer heroin, is xylazine – an anesthetic and muscle relaxant typically used in the veterinary field. Alarmingly, this substance is often laced with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid roughly 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine.

At La Jolla Recovery, a state-licensed and nationally accredited drug and alcohol treatment center in sunny San Diego, we are at the forefront of countering this dangerous trend through a comprehensive program that provides science-based solutions and mental health attention for individuals grappling with addiction to tranq dope.

What is Tranq Dope?

Typically used for sedation in animals like horses during surgeries or procedures, xylazine administration in humans can be lethal due to its depressant effects on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Fentanyl-laced xylazine has been associated with an alarming increase in fatal overdoses.

Symptoms of Tranq Use

Recognizing the symptoms of tranq dope use is essential for timely intervention. These signs can easily be misconstrued as general sickness or fatigue but commonly include profound sedation or sleepiness, slowed breathing, and irregular heartbeats. Users may also have slurred speech and difficulties staying awake or responsive. Toxicity from xylazine can cause skin lesions or ulcers, common amongst tranq dope users.

Prevalence of Tranq Dope Today

Recent data from various sources indicate a steady rise in xylazine detection within overdose cases across the United States. Xylazine was present in 64% of Pennsylvania’s opioid-related overdose deaths from January to May 2020 compared to previous years’ percentages, which hovered around 30%, an alarming escalation in an already fraught landscape.

The Evidence-Based difference in San Diego, CA

Why Choose La Jolla Recovery?

La Jolla Recovery acknowledges the complex nature of tranq dope addiction – it’s not just an infirmity to be treated but rather a fight against affliction that needs compassionate understanding, patience, and professional help. The wake of Tranq Dope has given rise to alarming rates of overdoses due to its tranquilizing effects paired with dangerous substances such as fentanyl. It might be abused with alcohol, molly, meth, or even prescriptions.

Your journey towards healing from addiction does not have to be faced alone. At La Jolla Recovery Center in San Diego, we are committed to helping you reset your story through our evidence-based approach for long-term results. Our attention to science, including medication-assisted treatment or MAT, makes it possible to withdraw without discomfort and improve outcomes.

Come join us in California with hope and transformation to have Danq Dope addiction a thing of the past.

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