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Why Do I Feel Anxious When My Mom Is Not Around?

woman on desk stressed exhausted by anxiety with glasses coffee cup computer

Why Do I Feel Anxious When My Mom Is Not Around? Anxiety is a feeling of worry, fear, or unease that can be mild or severe. It can be caused by many things, including stress, a traumatic event, or an illness. For some people, anxiety is most pronounced when separated from their loved ones. You are not alone if you…

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10 benefits of being a pet owner

cat finger happy company mental health pets rehab cats

There are many benefits to owning a pet, but here are just ten of the health-related ones: Stress relief – Petting a dog has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone). Improved mental health – Owning a pet can help reduce anxiety and loneliness and increase happiness and self-worth. Lower cholesterol levels – Studies…

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Five science-backed health benefits of owning a dog

a man posing with his dog pets emotional health support bridge

Five science-backed health benefits of owning a dog There are countless reasons why owning a dog is excellent. They provide companionship and love and often make us laugh. But did you know that dogs can also improve our health? Here are five science-backed health benefits of owning a dog. Dogs can improve our mental health. Studies have shown that dog…

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Petting a Dog Might Be More Beneficial Than You Thought

dog pet love care concept woman york yorkshire animal friendship kiss girl happy emotional support therapy rehabilitation friendly

Petting a Dog Might Be More Beneficial Than You Thought We all know that petting our dogs or pets feels good, but how does it affect us? Research has found that our prefrontal cortex, the area of our brain that has a higher level of decision-making, is stimulated and helps us become more attentive and emotionally engaged when petting our…

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How do I File a Judicial Claim to Obtain a Settlement Related to Opioids?

woman signing a paper how do I file judicial claim obtain settlement related opioids

How do I File a Judicial Claim to Obtain a Settlement Related to Opioids? I am an attorney at law, and I was involved with litigation against pharmaceutical companies, many court battles, and settlements. One thing is for sure; I was and still am shocked because of this company’s conduct, which in many cases was downright criminal. Don´t believe me?…

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Why is Fentanyl Addictive?

why fentanyl addictive depression frustrated girl troubled problem stressed cover face with hand suffer from grief sorrow

Why is Fentanyl Addictive? Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid analgesic that is quickly transforming the terrain of the opioid epidemic. It is an effective pain killer used for cancer or people with chronic pain when used correctly. Like morphine, heroin, and other opioids, fentanyl has an effect by attaching to the opioid receptors in areas of our brain that…

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How can you learn to be more mentally and emotionally fit?

how do you become more mentally emotionally fit active adult attractive beautiful blog blogger body breast broccoli brunette cabbage calories candid

How can you learn to be more mentally and emotionally fit? Our thoughts and emotions are part of us, just as fingers belong to our hands. Thoughts and emotions are phenomena we live with, and that’s that. However, keeping your mind “healthy” takes time and effort.  I ask you this: What if we all knew what to do when life…

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Abusive Relationship Cycle

signs abusive relationship young couple arguing at home relationship disagreements and problems angry woman throws coffee

A Cycle of Abusive Relationships    I haven’t called the person I last dated, and I just found out she is pregnant. I was abandoned as a newborn. As far as I know, my mother had a problem with alcohol and drug abuse, was very young, and could not care for me.  Ever since I was a child, I have…

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Tips for Beating Burnout

tips to beat overcome burnout guy stressed out at his computer

Tips for Beating Burnout   Stress is a reality of life, whereas excessive and non-stop stress may take us to the incapacitating emotional condition we know as burnout. Three signs distinguish burnout: fatigue; depersonalization, absence from work; and lack of efficacy, or sentiments of incompetence.   Too much work and deadline anxieties are expected in a job. Everyone could at…

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Fear of Change: Moving to a New Country

never be afraid of change black message board blank paper white paper paper clip pink pencil blue anxiety

Fear of Change and Leaving Your Comfort Zone to Move to a New Country   I was born in the US and grew up in Mexico City, where I lived until thirty-three. I had given thought to the possibility of living in another country; however, I discarded this and was “certain” that I would stay in Mexico for the rest…

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