Your Road to Detox from Methadone

Overseeing medication assisted treatment optional programs

Our San Diego clinical team and recovery professionals have many years of experience overseeing medication assisted treatment optional programs such as suboxone, sublocade and naltrexone. Along with our addiction psychiatrist and the comfort and beauty of our facilities, located in one of California´s strong recovery support city, your road to detox from methadone will be attended in a tailored manner with more effective approaches.

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Methadone in Comparison to Novel Medication Assisted Treatment

“Dolophine”, as Methadone is mainly sold commercially, is a synthetic opioid drug which is present in withdrawal treatments from opioids, mainly heroin.  Like other opioid pain-killers, it has the side effect of addiction when it is used frequently.

Methadone is a pain reliever like other opioid drugs (derivatives of the poppy plant), such as morphine, oxycodone and codeine.   It has been prescribed for decades for people to deal with pain after chronic illnesses, injuries or surgeries.

Since methadone blocks the effects of any other opioid drugs, it has become a most sought-after withdrawal management medication, because it´s not as strong as heroin, albeit tends to remain in the body system for longer periods of time (roughly over twenty hours).  It is also less sedating and less harmful. 

A Safer Way To Detox

Let La Jolla Recovery answer any questions regarding medication assisted treatment in San Diego and provide help today to detox from methadone in a safe and clinically supervised manner.

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