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Sober living homes can provide the power of safety, structure, and accountability in sobriety.

Sober living homes: because 30 days are not enough.

As a part of the addiction recovery La Jolla´s continuum of care, family members and clients may be interested in continuing sobriety in a drug and alcohol-free sober living. Research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse has found that residents reduced or stopped their substance use between baseline and six-month follow-up and then maintained those improvements at 12 and 18 months. Also, there were improvements in employment, psychiatric symptoms, and arrests.

Families may sometimes not be ready for their loved ones to come back home or want a safe space to experience transition while having the structure and safety that a typical schedule and drug and alcohol testing can provide. Here, sober peers and friends can be made, sharing a network and support for accountability essential in delivering a long-term focus on recovery.

La Jolla Recovery alumni may be interested in a sober living home. Our clinical staff can provide local suggestions to accommodate specific gender-specific or cultural needs.

Local sober living suggestions available by clinical staff

Not ready to go back home or family and work needing space or a smooth transition? Sober living might be a safe, structured and wonderful option.

Extended care in San Diego, CA

From Pacific Beach to La Jolla or Mission Bay, let our clinical staff suggest local options for sober living. Needing North County San Diego or Orange County accommodations for sober housing? We’re here to make sure that your needs are met.

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Sober Living Homes

Alcohol and Drug Free

Let us provide suggestions for local sober living homes that include drug and alcohol testing and an ambiance of serenity and peace.


A common schedule at a sober living home can provide structure and comfort in sobriety. Proximity to AA meetings and support groups and minimizing the need for transportation may be very positive given services in the radius.


Sober living makes it possible to share an alcohol and drug-free environment for those wishing to continue their sobriety after detox, inpatient residential, or during outpatient.


Sober peers can become friends and provide an environment of transparency, truth, and accountability. This is the power of sober living.

Let us answer any questions you have on sober living and provide suggestions

Safe. Structured. Experience the power of a local sober living.

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