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What if you could recover in rehab with a sense of a home?

We did just that.

Forget the cold feeling of a hospital and the sense of isolation as if you were a number. At our rehab homes in La Jolla, you have a name. You have a home. Welcome to the reimagined concept of drug rehab in a home where you can build roots, flourish, and ultimately reintegrate successfully into society.

A kitchen, a bathroom, and a door to walk in and from. Experience serenity and comfort with La Jolla Recovery’s detox, rehab, and intensive outpatient programs. With views from San Diego Bay, a walk from Pacific Beach, and the sound of the ocean, it’s no surprise many decide to begin their life hereafter they get sober. Welcome home and tour some of our facilities through video. You can even deal with your smoking habits. We highly recommend extending sobriety after treatment and suggest continuity with sober living recommended by one of our discharge planners, whether back home or locally.

Detox in Mission Bay

Experience comfort for the first days of detox overseeing the ocean at La Jolla Recovery detox in Mission Bay.

Live Sober in Pacific Beach

Live sober while attending intensive outpatient drug rehab. Oh, and the beach is a walk away.

Inpatient Residential at La Jolla

The view of San Diego’s bay and the experience of working or going to school during the latter part of recovery.

Pacific Beach Detox

Experience detoxification from alcohol and drugs at Pacific Beach near our La Jolla Recovery outpatient and Mission Bay rehab. Work, play and socialize in a sea setting a walk distance from 12 step meetings and recovery resources in San Diego. Experience freedom from addiction here.

Getting sober and feeling at home should go together.

We believe an inspiring space makes a difference in your feelings and sobriety.

Forget the cold and clinical atmosphere of a hospital. La Jolla Recovery offers a home-like setting for those seeking to overcome their addiction and successfully reintegrate into society. Our state-of-the-art facilities boast views of San Diego Bay, a short walk from Pacific Beach, and the soothing sound of the ocean. Our detox, rehab, and intensive outpatient programs are designed to provide comfort and serenity to those in need.

On top of our quality care, we offer additional assistance, such as our smoking cessation program and post-treatment sober living recommendations from our discharge planners. La Jolla Recovery covers whether you stay local or return home after treatment. So join us in this paradise by the sea and take the first step on your journey towards sobriety.

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