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How To Not Lose Motivation for New Year Goals

How to not lose motivation for new year goals As we enter the new year, many of us have resolved to accomplish our goals. It can be easy to become overwhelmed or lose motivation as the year progresses.   Here are some tips to help you stay motivated and on track with your new year goals: First, break your goals down…

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Inpatient vs Outpatient treatments 

la jolla drug rehab san diego

Inpatient vs Outpatient treatments Multiple options regarding the type of rehab individuals offered for drug addiction are available. At the most basic level, the options are inpatient or outpatient treatment programs. The difference is the manner in which these programs allow individuals to receive addiction treatment and then function outside of the treatment location.  It is important to know whether you’re…

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Why am I Scared of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts?

alcoholic lying on table with drink scared of addictive behavior

Why am I Scared of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts? There’s something about alcoholics and drug addicts that scares me. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that their addiction has taken over their lives or if it’s the unpredictability of their behavior. Whatever it is, I can’t help but feel scared around them. I’m not sure if it’s the fact…

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If You Are Married to A Drug Addict, Should You Continue to Live with Them and Be Miserable?

young married couple quarreling in the car over addict leaving break up

If You Are Married to A Drug Addict, Should You Continue to Live with Them and Be Miserable?   This is one of those questions that I hesitate to answer because there are so many variables to consider. This is a question you need to answer yourself, whether you are the drug addict or the partner of the addict.  Luckily,…

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Tips for Beating Burnout

tips to beat overcome burnout guy stressed out at his computer

Tips for Beating Burnout   Stress is a reality of life, whereas excessive and non-stop stress may take us to the incapacitating emotional condition we know as burnout. Three signs distinguish burnout: fatigue; depersonalization, absence from work; and lack of efficacy, or sentiments of incompetence.   Too much work and deadline anxieties are expected in a job. Everyone could at…

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Why Does Alcohol Make You Fat?

cheers drinking makes you fat gain weight hands party

Why Does Alcohol Make You Fat? We are accustomed to finding nutrition labels on everything we buy to eat and drink. Have you ever given any thought to how alcohol influences your body weight? Well, it does, and I’ll tell you about it here. It is not just about the glycemic index in alcoholic beverages. It has to do with…

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Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Being Thin?

measuring waist body image eating disorder hands measuring tape eating disorders help help treatment

Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Being Thin? I’m a skinny person. I don’t mean to be, and I certainly don’t try to be; I am. It’s a certitude of my life, and it’s something that everyone around me senses the need to comment on. We are a skinny-obsessed civilization, and it is notorious. Individuals make comments about how much weight…

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Holidays Are Stressful and Difficult When it Comes To Alcohol And Drug Abuse: Here Is Why

holidays dinner with friends trigger substance abuse

Holidays Are Stressful and Difficult When it Comes To Alcohol And Drug Abuse: Here Is Why.  Holidays are not invariably cheerful and encouraging and, inconveniently, possibly particular circumstances for those with alcohol and drug abuse disorder. This year, the most challenging for many in recent time, even individuals without identified problems with substance abuse may stumble. While vacations are a basis…

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spiritual practice meditating

Spirituality In this fast, hurried world, full of commitments and distractions, we have lost the purest and elementary connection, which is that of ourselves. We have become accustomed to looking for the answers we need outside of us, in people, experiences, or material things. In reality, all the wisdom we need resides in the most beautiful place of all, our…

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The relationship with an addict

living with an addict woman is pushing her husband during a fight

The Relationship with an Addict Maintaining a relationship with an addict is not easy. The drink or drug they are hooked on becomes the center of their life, and their partner and family eventually take a back seat, along with anything other than the addiction. As the addiction becomes more intense, the addict is no longer able to take care…

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