Apartment Rehabs in San Diego

At La Jolla Recovery we believe wholeheartedly that a home-like setting is essential to flourish in sobriety. During our rehab programs, an atmosphere of comfort and safety will provide peace of mind. The optimal space for the addiction treatment programs can then be incorporated. Our townhome setting in Pacific Beach and Mission Bay are close to our IOP and drug rehab programs, acting as a haven during phases of substance use disorder rehabilitation. Whether participating in our couples rehab or requiring an all women's service for living sober, our rehab homes include amenities such as workstations, media room and fully equipped kitchens. Continue the structure of supervision where awareness of our clients home can offer tranquility and accountability for both staff and client.


Your own place in sobriety to call home. Our pacific beach rehab home offers transitional amenities such as fully equipped kitchen, computer among other tools necessary to be a part of society in sobriety again. Our rehab and intensive outpatient program is close for ease of assistance. Whether its a new job or taking a bus to your new classes, enjoy recovery next to Pacific Beach and Mission Bay. Getting sober does not mean one must be in a cold facility without a sense of connection. This is the La Jolla Recovery experience in San Diego, California.

Professional Assistance

Staying sober after detox and rehab can bring on surmounting tension and stress. From reintegration with family as well as society, experience the connection of La Jolla Recovery's community. From AA meetings a walking distance to the security of being with other sober peers, let the over 10 years of experience in recovery homes to stay sober offer the sustained recovery you seek.


La Jolla Recovery wants to provide a space free from substance abuse and alcoholism. A safe and secure rehab home to experience sobriety and assistance to our addiction treatment programs. Our recovery staff provides necessary support and transportation when available to provide the necessary support early in recovery all the way to having sober roommates and an experience of independence. Our rehab management in close proximity of our IOP and and drug rehab San Diego makes it ideal and structured. Experience peace with our rehab professional support adding a safety net that accommodates just the right amount of support to thrive.

Phase System for Long-Term Sobriety

Getting sober with a long-term approach is key as clients transition from drug detox to outpatient and even suggested sober living. Staying sober with a year approach in our phase system at La Jolla Recovery. With over 11 years of tailored and extended addiction treatment, just the right amount of supervision is provided to flourish and not enable. Let our outpatient drug rehab Sna Diego program in Pacific Beach and Mission Bay be your personal space away from family. Staying in San Diego is common for many of our clients with vast amount of job opportunities and schools in the area. Because staying longer in rehab leads to greater outcomes, we do not rush clients to be away from our sober community. AA meetings and 12 step groups ranging from heroin to meth and LGBT, a special place to thrive with your unique needs in mind is possible. Be part of the La Jolla rehab and living sober community. Our alcoholism and addiction therapists are here to provide supervision, counseling and long-term approach. Need sober living after rehab or drug outpatient? Our rehab San Diego therapists can suggest a sober living environment in Pacific Beach, La Jolla or Mission Bay.

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