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Family is the root of every rotten apple that is devoured by the worms of addiction.

Instead of being a lighthouse in this dark circle called life, families are the storm that extinguishes the light.  They perpetuate the vicious circle.

Since the Romans institutionalized marriage, families have been the role model in which society is perpetuated.

scissors family broken ptsd treatment sd

scissors family broken ptsd treatment sd


The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and other shows are innocent in comparison to what is seen in real life.

Of course, not all families are equally toxic.  But many of them are.

And they are not helping their next of kin to recover.

Someone should offer family detox programs.

And I don´t mean detoxification when every family member is a junky.

I mean getting rid of the family, as the most dangerous element in what would have otherwise been a healthier individual.

The sooner, the better.  I don´t deserve such toxic relatives.

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