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In this fast, hurried world, full of commitments and distractions, we have lost the purest and elementary connection, which is that of ourselves.

We have become accustomed to looking for the answers we need outside of us, in people, experiences, or material things. In reality, all the wisdom we need resides in the most beautiful place of all, our Being.

man meditating calm peace breathing

Spirituality is a way of life.

Our daily work can be tinged with spirituality. The way we treat our family and loved ones can be spiritual, and even our way of dreaming and aspiring can be spiritual. Being spiritual does not mean withdrawing from life and focusing only on meditation and spiritual practices. Spirituality is not a way to escape life but to live it intensely.

How do we transform everyday life into spiritual life?

First, we have to get in touch with our spiritual side: start believing in it and experiencing it. 

Life does not consist solely of physical comfort, competitions, business, and social life. It also consists in seeking our true nature, becoming aware of our soul, and achieving union with our higher self.   Feeling our connection with this universal source, which is the source of all life, conveys a sense of peace, trust, support, and self-realization. It also empowers us to do more and reach greater heights.

spiritual practice meditating

spiritual practice meditating

Second, we need to spend time meditating.

Meditation is a practice that serves to control the mind to experience the highest levels of consciousness. Meditation helps calm the mind and emotions. There are many types of meditations with different purposes to achieve stillness and activation of Kundalini energy and union with the Higher Self. Whatever form of meditation is practiced, it is crucial to do it regularly.

Thirdly, to progress, we must know where we are now and where we want to go. 

If we are busy and fully participating in our daily lives, we lose consciousness, leading us to deviate from the spiritual path. So, it is crucial to allocate some time regularly to sit alone and think about our life, our purpose to review and re-plan.

Next, we need to have an integral character. 

Character formation is a continuous process, and the purpose of life is growth and constant evolution. There are weaknesses all around. The key is to be aware of them and consciously eradicate them. The result will be a more refined character and a stronger spiritual connection. To develop our nature, we can also learn from others. The study of other people’s lives, their falls, and their victories teaches us many lessons; We can see what helps us grow faster and what will pull us down.

Last, as we grow, we have to help other people succeed.

To have a spiritual life, it is necessary to expand our self-interest and attention to others and help them in every way possible. Helping activates the heart and crown chakras that allow the most divine energy to enter our system and helps neutralize some of our past negative karmas. Helping can be in any form, from donating money, teaching, healing, giving emotional comfort to inspiring and blessing—anything we do to help others. The key is to give and share to grow. Remember, spirituality is not just about winning; it is also about serving and helping others.

yoga breathing spirituality

We can make spirituality an active part of our daily life, if we only have the will and desire to grow! 

Tannia V.

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