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We live as a society fleeing from what we feel, including filling ourselves with television programs and searching every two minutes for what is on Facebook are ways to avoid what we feel. And it is likely that what many people with some type of addiction do not want to feel, is anxiety. To avoid feeling anxiety is to avoid facing our deep fears.

Many times addiction works as a tool to deal with anxiety, and if we are to help a person to get out of their addiction, we must first cover the real need that, is to know what to do with anxiety, learn to deal with it , to feel it to face it.

anxiety rehab

anxiety rehab

If we lower the addiction, as it often happens, we stop drinking or smoking, and anxiety appears and we do not know how to deal with it, we go to another addiction like eating, buying or working, and we aspire to replace one addiction with another because we are avoiding to face ourselves.

Meeting you is not dangerous. Perhaps you go through a stage of mourning, of letting yourself go, of feeling out of control, but the addictions, for more in control that make you feel, in reality they take you away from what will heal you, which is feeling and meeting you.

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