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How do I File a Judicial Claim to Obtain a Settlement Related to Opioids?

woman signing a paper how do I file judicial claim obtain settlement related opioids

How do I File a Judicial Claim to Obtain a Settlement Related to Opioids? I am an attorney at law, and I was involved with litigation against pharmaceutical companies, many court battles, and settlements. One thing is for sure; I was and still am shocked because of this company’s conduct, which in many cases was downright criminal. Don´t believe me?…

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Why is Fentanyl Addictive?

why fentanyl addictive depression frustrated girl troubled problem stressed cover face with hand suffer from grief sorrow

Why is Fentanyl Addictive? Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid analgesic that is quickly transforming the terrain of the opioid epidemic. It is an effective pain killer used for cancer or people with chronic pain when used correctly. Like morphine, heroin, and other opioids, fentanyl has an effect by attaching to the opioid receptors in areas of our brain that…

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Addiction Treatment

addiction treatment in san diego viewing cliff sea grass wave

At La Jolla Recovery drug rehab, we couldn’t agree more with Musk. We simply want to continue getting better at the detox process and know more about the needs of our addiction recovery clients. Given the uniqueness of every individual, La Jolla detox centers San Diego were designed to pay attention to the specific addiction treatment variables that people have…

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The relationship with an addict

living with an addict woman is pushing her husband during a fight

The Relationship with an Addict Maintaining a relationship with an addict is not easy. The drink or drug they are hooked on becomes the center of their life, and their partner and family eventually take a back seat, along with anything other than the addiction. As the addiction becomes more intense, the addict is no longer able to take care…

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The challenge of being a woman, a mom and a worker 

babies mom couch working stressed tired hardship challenge children parenting

The challenge of being a woman, a mom and a worker  Today, men and women share positions of power and decision in companies. We all care about development and prosperity. But that job progress also invisibly depends on our individual emotional realities. In fact, we are not as creative or lucid when we have worries at home. Now, there is…

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Fentanyl and Overdosing

heroin addiction

We send our deepest wishes of mourning and comfort to the family and loved ones of Mac Miller. There are no words to soothe the heartache of a death cased by overdosing and addiction, no matter the functionality and capacity of a human being to continue to produce, in this case musical art in a very rich prose with popular…

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Heroin Detox

One more amazing artist left us from drug overdose. It hurts. It hurts because closure is necessary for new beginnings. Tom Petty was not only an American classic artist, but a longstanding tourer that continued long into age including health problems. Though he was open about his heroin use in youth, there was little spoken about his death until his…

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Detoxing Pregnant from Opiates

Detoxing Pregnant from Opiates

Detoxing Pregnant…Safe? Theres a baby born addicted to opiates every 25 minutes. A segment that few would like to attend or care for. The negativity and anger pointed towards the mothers lack compassion and understanding of the disease of addiction. The question is not so much about morals, but about the life coming. This is the one deserving the attention….

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Suing Big Pharma

Ohio begins a lawsuit against the largest 5 pharmaceutical companies developing prescription opioids and is setting the tone for accountability and responsibility in the heroin addiction and opioid epidemic in the United States. Ohio is the second state after Mississippi to go after the pharmaceutical companies regarding their current heroin addiction epidemic. Ohio has recently seen an exponential growth in…

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