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How do I File a Judicial Claim to Obtain a Settlement Related to Opioids?

I am an attorney at law, and I was involved with litigation against pharmaceutical companies, many court battles, and settlements.

businessman being served a lawsuit how to file opioid settlement

how to file settlement opioids explained by an attorney

One thing is for sure; I was and still am shocked because of this company’s conduct, which in many cases was downright criminal. Don´t believe me? Who paid the most significant criminal court case settlement in history? The answer is Pfizer, who agreed to pay 2.3 billion dollars for illegally marketing its painkiller “Bextra,” which is now withdrawn from the market.

Another sweetheart is Johnson & Johnson, who now must pay billions to settle claims related to asbestos in baby powder when they knew it was causing cancer in children and adults a long time ago. They are now trying to file for bankruptcy to avoid paying their victims, although their COVID 19 vaccines brought them to record profits in the billions of dollars. So, my dear readers, money is a big focus in pharma and rarely about your or your family’s health. Some extraordinary exceptions are medication-assisted treatment and mental health, ideally supervised and monitored to ensure patients get better. Do not take it personally; that is how profits work, even on wall street. It’s essential to not forget how far we’ve come to eradicate diseases affecting child mortality and even life span. For this particular theme, the objective is to speak about opioids.

Goldman Sachs analysts noted April 10, 2008, in a report for biotech clients titled “The Genome Revolution,” asks clients the touchy question: “Is curing patients a sustainable business model?” The answer may be “no,” according to the report. So, there you go; What else can I tell you?

I am not ranting against pharmaceutical companies, as matter-of-fact product liability lawsuits involve all sorts of companies, no matter their field. This article focuses on pharmaceutical and life sciences company liability because we are dealing with opioid claims.

woman signing a paper how do I file judicial claim obtain settlement related opioids

existing claims exist and support by an attorney or search can narrow steps to claim or file

Now concerning how to file a claim to obtain a settlement because opioids harmed you, you need to contact a personal injury and product liability law firm. Preferably do some research and find attorneys and law firms actively working on a similar lawsuit. There are already several collective lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies in the form of class action lawsuits or mass torts, which I will not explain here thoroughly; however, some district courts have already determined how the judicial system will handle these lawsuits, and your claim, in turn, will be dealt with in the same way.

I also recommend speaking to two or three attorneys to decide who is the most competent and who you feel more comfortable with. Explore the possibility of the law firm sponsoring the cost of litigation and receiving payment when the settlement comes in.

by Andrew G.

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