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Can Meditation Heal Permanent Back Damage?

Sit in a quiet, peaceful place where you will not be disturbed for ten minutes.

Sit cross-legged, interlock the fingers on both your hands, and let them rest on your legs, keeping a straight posture. Focus on breathing as slowly and deeply as possible while taking breaths and exhaling. Your mind will be flooded with thoughts and the desire to get up and do something else. When you are distracted, there’s no problem; focus on breathing slowly and deeply. Do this every day and whenever you feel anxious or in an uncomfortable emotional or bodily situation.

You’re probably going to think I’m mad, but take it or leave it; sometimes, imagine while meditating one of your body cells, it could be a single cell in your toe. This cell is perfect and healthy as an atom is perfect with its electrons in a synchronized orbit. Visualize this cell and imagine it healthily splitting into two cells, reproducing itself into two ideal units. Scan your body slowly, starting with your toe, and imagine, or better, command all your cells to reproduce healthily in each body part, organ, etc. If you suffer from ill health in any part of your body, dedicate more time to this part. Anything that you don’t need and is not good and valuable must leave your body at your will and command.

Ask your body for forgiveness if you have not treated it well by using alcohol drugs, or what you have fed it is not healthy.

Our minds are mighty, and it is not precisely known how we cause ourselves psychosomatic (mind-driven) disease. So, if we can cause disease in our minds, why can’t we heal ourselves the same way? I believe we can influence our health with our minds in a positive way. There are science-based experiments done with water and rice where several people express words with love and others with hate to different samples. The way the water and rice behave is amazingly different based on what was said to each sample. Therefore, it seems we can impact substances and matter with our words and emotions, so why can’t we positively influence our bodies to heal?

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Back pain? Believe it can be resolved with things other than pain medication or narcotics? What if I told you breathing and closing your eyes could help?


According to research done by the US department of veteran affairs, people in this country spend $50 billion per year on low back pain, with chronic back pain being 90% of the costs.

group of sporty people practice meditation with back hurting to reduce pain and aches breath help management

Practicing meditation can reduce tension, stress, and overall pain for not only your back but also your mind.

According to research done by the US department of veteran affairs, people in this country spend $50 billion per year on low back pain, with chronic back pain being 90% of the costs. Many patients with chronic back pain resort to opioids, producing side effects that range from co-occurring mental health problems to overdose and death. Meditation can have biological gains and has been linked to positive transformations in brain sections responsible for adaptive pain, stress, cognitive, and affect regulation.

Whichever method of meditation you choose for yourself to heal or cope with back injuries is up to you. There are many types of meditation available. Always check with your doctor about any health problems before you try anything by yourself; I am not a doctor and not qualified to give any medical advice. However, I believe meditation beats the hell out of opioid overdose and death. In case you are against 12-step or AA meetings, this is a great way not to have any mention of God to start meditating. What do you think? Of course, I´m not ranting against opioid-based pain management treatment. They are instrumental as tools to treat pain, but they do have the potential to harm you as well. 

meditation breathing for back aches and pains helpful healing chronic management woman sitting

You have time for Netflix and eating. Make time to take care of yourself by meditating and making sure pain is not a part of your story. Your back will thank you.

Chronic pain from permanent back injuries is not only responsible for physical symptoms but also has a profound psychological negative effect that affects lives.

Meditation will also very likely help manage the mental consequences of suffering from chronic back pain. Although the jury is still out on whether meditation will heal permanent back damage, I’m sure it’s worth a shot.

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