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I wish we could go back to the day of the car accident. Your neck injury.  The ER. The traffic light… that didn´t work.

The endless cocktails of painkillers.  The basket of they gave us to ease the pain.  I recovered first because my injury was not that serious.  A splint was enough for me.

But you spent weeks at the intensive care unit.  And even after you were discharged from the hospital, your injury kept hurting really bad.  The drug cocktails continued for you.  And even when I no longer needed any pills, swallowed them too. For company.  For the sake of sharing the pain and the relief with you.

First it was morphine.Then fentanyl.

The irony is that, beyond alcohol, we had not been addicted to any illegal drugs before. We both loved Trekking. Camping. Riding bicycles to our jobs.

But we have to face the harsh truth.  After the car crash injury, we became addicted to painkillers.

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