Inpatient Rehab Treatment in San Diego, CA

Our experience has shown that inpatient rehabilitation from alcohol or drugs requires a safe space, inspiration, serenity, and motivation.

Inpatient rehab provides healing and a level of awareness and excitement possible for commitment to long-term sobriety. Our year-round sun in San Diego and beach setting at La Jolla Recovery inpatient rehab, coupled with dedicated staff, carry unparalleled outcomes to those seeking to love life again. Let La Jolla inpatient rehab in San Diego County be the home where your heart and mind can thrive again.

Our ideal location and facilities where clients begin their sobriety journey are aesthetic and transforming.

The serenity makes it possible to blossom along with structure. Our inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment with suggested sober living homes in San Diego have activities and events to attend to a complete spectrum of behavioral needs. These include drug and alcohol therapy, dual diagnosis, sober coaching, mental health therapy, and interventions to attend to a person’s recovery at every stage.

Guidance of Recovery Professionals

In the comfort of a beautiful environment

San Diego County

Over 12 years of inpatient rehab experience in La Jolla, California

What We Do

Drug addiction treatment, intensive outpatient rehab, and alcohol detox

Recover in La Jolla with all the amenities

We want you to feel at home in clean, safe, and structured recovery homes while receiving drug rehabilitation in San Diego.

If coming to rehab from out of state, we can pick up clients from the airport and provide legal support. This makes our intensive outpatient rehab programs ( iop ) highly sought by attorneys and the court system. Welcome to our supportive environment in La Jolla Recovery, where you can experience sobriety for good. If looking to extend sobriety after treatment, our discharge team can suggest a local sober living ideal to stay close to the community and share accountability.

Not all drug rehabilitation centers are created equal

With a true change in mind, La Jolla drug rehab San Diego places attention to a long-term sobriety process.

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation may appear to be a cookie-cutter procedure.

However, at La Jolla drug rehabs in San Diego, we know transformation is needed in the recovery industry, ensuring that the space, therapies, and activities are engaging and innovative. From San Diego surf to hikes, walks on the beach, and recreation, La Jolla alcohol detox knows drug and alcohol rehabilitation had to leave the office feel and become a sense of home. From women-only to gay-specific addiction treatment, let us expand cultural and niche-specific services such as couples rehab for your needs. Have a pet and want him or her included in your addiction treatment? Needing family support as you walk the journey of sobriety? We can help. Wondering whether it’s detox or outpatient you need? We can answer all your questions and provide the right level of treatment.