Addiction Treatment for Women

How We Approached Female Specific Rehab and Housing Services

Although addiction recovery has usually been unisex or generally dominated by a male environment in both professional supervision or housing, at La Jolla Recovery Homes for women, we have focused on creating a gender-specific approach providing cultural variables for women as well as a suggested sober living model that lets females feel comfortable, supported and safe. Women’s rehab and suggested sober living after graduating allow our clinical staff to attend to the unique needs that are core to clients’ flourishing afterward. Because gender-specific attention offers safety, peace, and a space of intimacy and vulnerability, we highly recommend women’s rehab for the furthering and quality of outcomes from drug addiction and alcoholism, among other substance abuse disorders. In the case of dual diagnosis, La Jolla Recovery provides specific attention for parallel mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mental disorders. We are LGBTQ-friendly and have identifying staff for extra attention to healing and empathy. Learn more about our diverse background and all-encompassing and caring approach to living sober long-term.

Womens Needs In Recovery are Important

to strengthen the foundation of sobriety

and let women feel safe in sober living and addiction treatment

How Our Focus For Womens Addiction Treatment Centers Began

I started to begin to think that having a unisex or primarily male environment in rehab was OK. At La Jolla Recovery rehab for women, I was grateful to have had my space as a woman. With female drug counselors and women's groups, I was able to attend specific issues that I would have not felt as comfortable with men. I highly recommend La Jolla Recovery women's rehab, it was key to being where Im at. They suggested a women's sober living afterwards and I was able to stay sober with other women, make friends and grow as a woman.

Janet C.Client