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Detoxing Pregnant from Opiates

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Detoxing Pregnant from Opiates

Detoxing Pregnant…Safe?

heroin and opiate detox

detoxing from opiates

Theres a baby born addicted to opiates every 25 minutes. A segment that few would like to attend or care for. The negativity and anger pointed towards the mothers lack compassion and understanding of the disease of addiction. The question is not so much about morals, but about the life coming. This is the one deserving the attention.

“Medically assisted treatment (MAT), weans those who are addicted to opioids to use other medications such as buprenorphine or methadone, along with behavioral therapy. Although not without risk to the mother, or the unborn baby, who can eventually be born with NAS, MAT has been associated with improved prenatal care, lower rates of complications during pregnancy and higher rates of compliance to addiction treatment. Unlike MAT, medically supervised withdrawal is the tapering off an opioid without the aid of a medication, but still coupled with the other support services”

To those who care for the unwanted, the afllicted, we say there is a solution and there is care. Thank you for those who use research and science to understand the right processes in order to have better detoxing experiences for the right journey in to recovery from alcohol and drugs.



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