Heroin Addiction Treatment

Opiates are an epidemic in our country with daily overdoses and deaths tolling due to the abundance of opiate prescriptions, fentanyl laced substances and easily prescribed morphine related medications. These all can lead to heroin addiction, a cheaper and more powerful alternative to a body and brain than can become easily rewarded and physiologically compensated leading to regular consumption. At La Jolla Recovery drug rehabs, we provide attention to the needs of opiate abuse and heroin addiction, recognizing the widespread use of this drug requiring high levels of addiction at detox levels all the way throughout treatment and suggested sober living to extend long term sobriety.

Our comprehensive adiiction treatment programs embrance opiate abuse including heroin, fentanyl, prescriptions such as vicodin, etc. We attend from the stigma to the physiological needs and let those hurting feel at home and welcomed without any need of shame or guilt. Addiction has a solution and we at La Jolla Recovery addiction treatment centers San Diego want to meet you where you’re at.


Heroin addiction 

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How We Attend Heroin Addiction

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You need not feel different when using heroin or opiates. We understand at La Jolla Recovery drug rehabs for heroin addiction, and want to show you the way.

Experience a Human Centered Approach to Heroin Addiction Treatment .

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