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TMS Therapy (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)

Deep transcranial magnetic stimulation is a neurostimulation therapy that supports depression resistance, chronic pain relief, fatigue and other mental health disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorders existing in dual diagnosis.

At La Jolla Recovery, we believe in using evidence-based practices such as TMS that enrich and complement the rehabilitation process to sustain drug and alcohol cessation and impact the overall experience of a good life after detox or rehab.

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TMS for Depression 

What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation?

TMS therapy has been used for depression, offering practical approaches to neurobiological mechanisms underlying depression and drug resistance and assisting in developing and optimizing novel therapeutic strategies for patients suffering from depression and drug use disorders.

TMS is FDA Cleared

The antidepressant effects of TMS therapy have been investigated in clinical trials since the early 1990s.

TMS is Evidence Based

Since 2009, the ever-expanding literature of research has provided research supporting the benefit of TMS as a treatment for resistant depression.

TMS for Mental Health

TMS may be expected to produce antidepressant effects of greater magnitude than those of standard magnetic stimulation due to the stimulation of deeper and more widespread prefrontal reward-mediating neural pathways.

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Does TMS help with OCD?

More recently, the efficacy TMS was also proven in obsessive compulsive disorders OCD.

Is TMS FDA cleared?

TMS enables the targeting of deeper brain regions, such as the anterior cingulate cortex, which is involved in OCD. This differentiating quality of TMS explains why it is the first-ever non-invasive medical device that is FDA cleared to treat OCD. Given the harsh impact of addiction and its concomitant effect on mental health at La Jolla Recovery in San Diego, we believe it is critical to implement research-based methodologies such as TMS and medication assisted treatment parallel to therapies such as CBT, ACT, and DBT. Due to the increased heroin and fentanyl problems in the US, we believe we must use all possible researched mechanisms to reduce overdoses, increase positive outcomes and reduce discomfort with technology such as transcranial magnetic stimulation and medication s such as naloxone, suboxone , and sublocade among others. Are you or someone you know who is hurting from depression resistance tied to alcohol or drug addiction such as Xanax or meth and needs effective and sustained recovery? Are you coming from states such as Texas, New York, Nevada, or Florida out of state? Let us help. We can accommodate the changes as you prioritize taking care and having a new home without triggers here in California. Twelve-step embracing or not, let us develop a unique program for you with your specific needs in mind.

At La Jolla Recovery we use research based tools to enhance the recovery process in addiction rehabilitation that includes mental health. TMS has been found to support depression resistance as well as helping with OCD, fatigue and pain. Learn more about our integrative services for long term sobriety.

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